Top ten eco friendly textile processing raw material suppliers in USA



Globally, environmental considerations are now vital factors while the selection of consumer goods including textiles. By the increasing awareness of the nature of polluting textiles effluents, social responsibility are increasing on textile processing blocks.

Sustainability in textile processing units is important in recent years.Because textiles are used next to skin and sometimes referred as the second skin.Techniques which use less water, creates less waste and produce no harmful chemicals exposures on the environment and human life, these are biotechnology, supercritical carbon dioxide, ultrasonic and laser.

These modern technologies offering various advantages against traditional wet techniques and thus protecting environment by creating sustainable fibre.So by the use of these technologies manufacturers or factories create sustainable fabrics, and hence sustainable textiles or clothing.

What are the eco friendly textile processing raw materials ?

Eco friendly textiles or sustainable clothing or textile processing raw materials are that which are designed to reduce the negative impact on planet,the clothing or fabrics which are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The textile industry is the most ecologically harmful industry in the world. The eco-problems in textile occur from production to finished products. In the production process various hazardous chemicals explodes chemical exposure, the fabric after bleaching and dyeing makes a toxin that swells into our ecosystem. The increasing utilization of rayon for clothing has caused fast depleting forests. Petroleum-based products are harmful to the environment, hence to maintain ecological balance or make textile industry as sustainable fashion, the textile industry or factories needed eco friendly textile processing raw materials.

Hence in recent years sustainable clothing and sustainable fashion or fabrics gaining importance in USA and hence finding eco friendly textile processes raw materials suppliers are the need to the manufacturers or to the factories in USA.

 Top ten eco friendly textiles processing raw materials suppliers in the USA:

Top ten eco friendly textiles processing raw materials supplier in USA

  1. Ecological textiles: Ecological Textiles are GOTS certified,offers a wide range in fabrics, fibres, yarns and others that are manufactured and processed in a sustainable way.  All of the above are made of natural fibers, where possible from organic farming. So if you’re looking for fabrics, yarns or raw fibres that are made from organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen or silk, this is for you.You can find all sustainable textiles raw materials here like organic cotton,hemp,wool,soy silk,jute and corn fibre etcetra.
  2. Eagle Fabrics:Eagle Fabrics, a division of SFO Impact, Inc., is a wholesale sustainable fabric company that prides itself in fulfilling the knitting, dyeing, finishing, and printing needs of the textile manufacturer.You can access all natural and sustainable fabrics here in eagle fabrics both in california and los angeles.
  3. Tencel: TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. TENCEL™ fibers are found in the collections of many leading designers.TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are extracted from sustainably grown wood using a unique closed loop system which recovers and reuses the solvents used, minimizing the environmental impact of production. Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management and gentleness to skin.
  4. Evrnu: They are textile experts, united by a shared passion to stand up against the textile waste crisis and address the negative impact on our environment. Sustainable materials shouldn’t come with sacrifice. That’s why they use their expertise and knowledge for developing the technology that replaces damaging textiles with recyclable fibers. Their solutions have the power to transform the future of the textile industry for better.They provide all kind of natural, recyclable or sustainable fibre.
  5. Gap inc: They are committed to selecting fibers that have a lower carbon footprint, use less water, create less waste and support efforts to protect biodiversity. They focus on the materials that account for nearly all (98 percent) of their fiber consumption: natural fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, and animal fibers), synthetics (polyester, nylon, elastane, etc.) and manufactured cellulosics (viscose, rayon and modal).
  6. UNIPET INC:UNIPET Inc, formerly known as UNIRESOURCES Inc, a North Carolina Company, is a leading textile company involved in international trade selling fibers and yarns. Their main focus remains on Natural and Manmade fibers like Cotton & Polyester Staple Fiber in addition to most of Spun yarns, Blended yarns, Polyester/ Nylon Draw Textured Yarns & Fully Drawn Yarns.

   So these are few eco friendly textile processes raw materials suppliers in usa apart from above there are few more genuine and sustainable textiles raw materials suppliers in USA like; (7) Raw of queen, (8) Cotton gin modes, (9) JS trading and Raw cotton in huntersville and (10) HMS washing

HMS Washing:

  Eco friendly textiles raw materials minimise the negative impact on environment and contributes to the healthy human life.for manufacturing textile or clothing you need raw materials which are eco friendly but you have to be careful from the production to the packaging.Sustainability must be maintained at every stage of textiling, that way sustainability of the environment can be maintained.for example during the production or manufacturing of finished clothing industrialist use pumice stone for removing the indigo from the denim; in place of pumice they should use handmade stone which use less water,creates less wastage and works better then pumice. 

 HMS sustainably removes indigo from jeans, creating the beautiful vintage looks and fades that all love and want so much.

They used their decades of experience in the industry to create a product that is mutually beneficial for both the denim industry and the environment. is the Hand made stone washing company which replaced the mining of pumice and it’s negative effect on environment.

Specialities of HMS

Sustainable alternatives to denim washing chemicals

Creating Sustainable Denim Washing Recipes

Sustainable Denim Production Consulting Services

Customized Denim Washing Products On-Demand

Four reasons why you must let go of pumice now !

Using of pumice and mining of pumice creates 

  1. Soil erosion 
  2. Habitat destruction 
  3. Air and water pollution 
  4. Depletion of natural resource

 Hence these are the best eco friendly textile processing raw material suppliers which suppliers the sustainable fabrics or raw materials same way also the supplies the handmade stone in place of pumice and uses in denim washing to remove indigo from denim and other fabrics.


Q:  Which are the best two textile processing raw materials suppliers in los angeles? 

 Eagle fabrics and ecological textiles 

Q: Is Tencel a eco friendly textile processing raw materials supplier in USA ?

 Yes ! Tencel guidelines and directions creates eco friendly fibre and their partners create sustainable fashion in textile using Tencel’s fabrics.

Q: Do hand made washing stone use pumice? 

 No ! They have completely replaced pumice stone washing to hand made stone washing.

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