Tile/Marble/Hardwood/Travertine/Stone Flooring

Tiles are flat thin rectangular or square slabs that are used to cover roofs, floors, and walls to
strengthen and beautify the surfaces. Tiles are in high demand these days in renovating houses,
buildings, monuments, and other constructions as it not only enhances the beauty of buildings but
also protect buildings from other environmental threats such as moisture, fire, termites, and other
damages. Nowadays varieties of tiles are available in the market in many colors, shapes, sizes,
thicknesses, and textures. Tiles are certainly one of the best options for internal and external uses
such as drawing rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, and give amazing looks to a simple space. Tiles
also can help you to convert your kitchens and bathrooms into boho kitchens and boho bathrooms
of your choice.
Here we have different types of tiles that make your space stylish and aesthetic.

  1. Marble Tiles: Marble is a gift of nature to humans. It’s a soft stone that can be cut into any
    shape and size easily to convert into tiles. Marble tiles can be considered decorative
    materials with strong durability. Mable tiles can be installed to upgrade your bathroom
    design, enhance your kitchen design, and beautify the surfaces of holy places, monuments,
    and any other building which deserves an elegant look. When the light falls on marble tiles
    the surrounding area glows up like anything.
  2. Granite Tiles: Like marble, Granite is also a natural rock but harder than marble. Granite
    tiles are used for the remodeling of house floors, and countertops. Granite is comparatively
    harder than marble. It is waterproof and easy to mop and hence it becomes a very good
    option for floors and countertops which are required to be wet and mopped multiple times.
  3. Ceramic Tiles: It is the most common type of tile and is used for flooring. It is the first
    man-made tile to come into use. It is made with silica and clay forged at very high
    temperatures and compressed at very high pressure. Ceramic tiles are of two types. The
    first is Glazed tile and the second is Quarry tiles. These tiles are available in different shapes
    and colors. Ceramic tiles also come in an anti-skid variant and hence become a good option
    for bathroom flooring.
  4. Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are made with grained clay and forged in high
    temperatures. It is strong, durable doesn’t scratch easily, and absorbs moisture quickly.
    Porcelain tiles are used in the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas. If you want to makeover
    your kitchen you can consider porcelain tiles because it is very easy to clean and requires
    less care.
  5. Glass Tiles: These tiles are made up of sand and recycled glass. These are mostly used for
    decoration whether it is the wall of the living area, kitchen, or bathroom. The reflection of
    the glass makes the area brighter and it is also stain free. It has different types of shapes,
    transparencies, and colors and sometimes in the form of stainless steel.
  6. Natural stone tiles: They have been used to decorate interior surfaces for a very long time,
    in demand today due to their ability to withstand wear and tear and also for appearance. It
    is used in materials that include slate, granite, marble, quartzite, etc.
    A question must come to your mind “What is Travertine?” I haven’t heard this word before. Don’t
    worry! I will help you out. Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock that is formed by mineral
    deposits from natural springs. It is usually used on the floor, countertops in the bathroom or
    kitchen, and on walls, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds.
    Travertine is a versatile product but it comes very expensive and needs high maintenance. It is
    known for its distinct design and flattering warm color. Just like the other tiles it has also different
    type of shapes, sizes, and colors and this will help to give a new look to your house.
    Types of Travertine:
  7. Brushed Travertine: It is a matte finish non-reflective look tile which is due to wire brush
    treatment on it.
  8. Honed Travertine: Honed travertine is between the matte and glossy look. Its look and
    texture can be created by grinding one side of the unfinished stone.
  9. Polished Travertine: It is shiny and glossy with an attractive and sophisticated style. It
    always gives a luxurious feeling.
    Color options of Travertine tiles:
    You can choose travertine in the color of your choice as travertine is available in many color options
    such as Grey, Beige, Silver, and Brown and all these colors almost match every combination.
    Hardwood is a broad-leaved tree those are generally found in tropical forests. Usually, builders and
    interior designers use this wood for building construction, home remodeling, or any other type of
    building renovation. People are using this wood frequently because it is a strong and versatile
    material. It would be beneficial for any construction because it is long-lasting, water resistant, and
    requires less care. It has color variants that improve the look of cabinets in any area or space.
    Types of hardwood flooring- Hardwood is a natural renewable resource. We use wood for different
    purposes with different types.
  10. Oak– Oak wood is generally used for furniture, paneling, decking, joinery, and flooring. It is in an
    attractive color, durable, strong, water-resistant, and fungus free. It gives an awesome look to the
    house, that you are looking for.
  11. Maple- It is one of the most popular wood that is also used for furniture. They are generally found
    in Europe and Asia. Many industries use this wood to make flooring, interior woodwork, and
    furniture. It is also available in many shades and it saves electricity during summer time.
  12. Hickory- Hickory wood is the most popular cooking wood. It produces less smoke while burning.
    It is very hard and durable among all the woods.
  13. Birch– Birch wood is very fine-grained and light wood. This wood is very easy to handle with tools.
    It is often used to decorate houses, by making sliding shutters, doors, flooring, molding and cabinets.
  14. Marble—Marble is a metamorphic rock made with recrystallized calcite or dolomite. It has hard
    and heavy weight. The main color of marble is white but now you get many color options like grey,
    pale yellow, brown, pink, and blue. Marble has a versatile look so it would be a great choice for
    bathroom walls and floors as well as kitchen benchtops and splashbacks. Using marble makes your
    area or house trendy and luxurious. Hence, there are various purposes to use marble to make the
    place classy and trendy:
    Pillar-From thousands of years we are using marble to hold the load of pillars of any building. Marble-Marble is a hard, durable, and strong which makes the pillar strong.
    Wall-when the person uses marble stone to cover the wall or adds some design that completely
    changes the look of the house. It always gives a clean and fresh look. Marble walls always make you
    feel cool and warm depending on what kind of slab you are using.
    Countertops– Marble is generally associated with countertops, in the kitchen, and bathroom. It
    brightens the area and gives the elegant look. It is very important to clean and seal the countertops
    properly to keep them from stains.
    Fireplace-In many houses, people have fireplaces. By using marble they make the house attractive
    and modern look. People choose the color according to their wishes which adds value to the home.
    Furniture-It is also used to make furniture accessories. According to the cost, people make coffee
    tables, cutting boards, coasters, etc. and all these kinds of stuff add beauty to the room. People don’t
    hesitate to invest money in marble because it was long-lasting, beautiful, and require less care. we can
    easily remove and replace it in any place.
    Stone flooring– stone flooring is a type of tile that is directly cut from the stone block. Stone floors are
    much better because it looks beautiful as compared to artificial stone and it is long-lasting too.
    Perhaps stone flooring would be a good solution, how works it does outside the same it does inside
    the house.
    If you are looking forward to upgrading the floor of the balcony, veranda, and the design of your
    house then stone flooring would be a good choice. There are different types of stone flooring that
    enhance the beauty of your house.
  15. Marble Flooring-It is a premium quality material. Apart from the floor, it has other uses also.
    It is available in many colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. It will keep your house cool and
    clean. The polished marble looks shiny.
  16. Slate Flooring-It is one of the good examples of stone flooring.
    It is cheap and affordable. It is water resistant so you can use it in rooms with high moisture
    levels such as bathrooms and kitchens. We can use it both indoors and outdoors. We can
    easily manage it by sweeping regularly, no need to care more.
  17. Limestone Flooring– It is made up of calcium carbonate and sedimentary rock. It is used for
    both traditional, and current designs. It gives an “earthy’ look to the house. Anyone can easily
    afford it. Limestone is a very soft stone and easy to install. It will brighten the flooring of any
    space in your house.
  18. Granite Flooring—Granite is hard, quartz-based stone. It is a luxurious natural stone used to
    decorate the house. Because of its color texture, it is ideal for both contemporary and
    traditional houses. Installing granite in your house would be a lifetime investment for you. It
    is suitable for both areas wet and dry and that is the reason, why people choose granite.
  19. Sandstone Flooring– Sandstone is a beautiful natural stone with an attractive look. You can
    apply it both outdoors and indoors. Its look resembles the beach and desert sand. It is
    available in many colors such as gold, red, brown, tan, and many more. Apart from the colors,
    it gives earthy look that you can’t find in other tiles. It has a unique texture and the floor is
    leveled with a process called “gauging”. If any tile gets damaged, you can replace them easily.

 Lighting configuration (recessed canisters, pendants, switches/outlets, layered, LED under
counter tape lighting). We proudly partner with Lamps Plus, Restoration Hardware for light
fixtures, and Lutron for LED recessed and under-counter lighting
 Tile installation (backsplash & flooring). We proudly partner with pioneer tile
manufacturing companies for most of our tile selections
 Flooring installation (wood, laminate & tile).
 Residential painting services
 Plumbing fixture installation including faucets
 Wall removal and reconfiguration
 Electrical
 Kitchen sink installation (granite, fireclay, stainless, cast iron with porcelain)
 We always keep in touch with our customers during every step of the process!
Kitchen Remodeler contractor in Temecula
Are you also struggling to select a kitchen remodeler contractor?

Selecting the right contractor is tricky as this can make or break the success of your project. Right
contractors always have job experience, reliable and trustworthy. They will provide you with
quality workmanship and ensure you the completion of the project on time and under budget.
While selecting the top kitchen remodeling contractor in Temecula, you can blindly trust Elegant
Homes which offers you:

 People skills—our contractors are very much capable to interact with the clients. Their
communication is very strong, which help to manage and understand the client’s
expectation. During the construction, our contractor communicates with other people such
as architects and city inspectors this helps to reduce the misunderstanding so that the
project will complete on time and within budget.
 Problem-solving– Our contractors oversee all the worker and their work, ensure to
complete the assigned job on a given time and sincerely manage the issues that arise.
 Technology—our contractors are very much familiar with the technology which helps
them to do their work very well. and satisfy the client’s expectations. Besides knowing
about the technology they keep themselves up-date about the market.
 Project Management—project planning involves many skills but they all come together in
the ability to execute a successful construction project. Our experts have the ability to
complete the project without delay time and unnecessary expenses. Even they can manage
the issues that arise during the completion of the project.
 Visualizer Tools—through these tools you can get to imagine how your new kitchen will
look. We have thousands of designs and this will help you to give a new life to your kitchen.
Kitchen Remodeling Cost
People in Temecula spend a lot of money to make their outdated kitchens beautiful and functional
again. Kitchen renovation planning can be a challenging task. Before planning of kitchen renovation,
one thing comes to your mind,” How much will my kitchen remodel cost”? and this can bother you
more. We are here to help you to navigate this question.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Temecula
A kitchen is not just a room or place, where you cook or prepare a meal for yourself, your family, and
your friends. kitchen is considered “The heart of the home”. It is a place where you not only cook
food but also create memories. This place asks for extra care because the burning of fire and emission
of smoke affected the kitchen and its environment. Consequently, your kitchen loses its shine and
glow and cast a bad impression on your formal guest.
When you renovate your old kitchen, it gives your kitchen a freshness and an appealing look. In the
process of re-designing the kitchen, you discard some old and obsolete things and make them more
functional which might add significant value to your home.
If you are searching for a kitchen remodeling company in Temecula, you do not need to
worry. Elegant homes will make your dream true. You can trust us as we are a customer-centric
company. We have highly professional and experienced craftsmen who will remodel your kitchen in
accordance with your wish and make sure you have a kitchen that looks stunning, stylish, and visually
appealing space. Our Company is fully licensed and completes the project on scheduled time with a
bare minimum budget. Our primary aim is to renovate your kitchen smoothly, quickly, and in the
most convenient way.
We have several reasons that make our company the best-
 Design (3-D modeling & computer renderings)
 Replacing, re-staining, or re-facing existing cabinetry
 Kitchen island design & installation
 Cabinet hardware installation (knobs, pulls, hinges). We proudly partner with Sunstone,
Waypoint, Showplace, and Dura Supreme
 Countertop installation (laminate, acrylic solid surface, granite, marble, travertine, or

The average kitchen remodels cost in Temecula:
Kitchen remodeling cost in Temecula varies from $12,500 to $48,000 depending on the size of your
kitchen and the extent of your renovation.
Cost to redo kitchen based on the size of your kitchen and the extent of the renovation:
 Small or basic kitchen renovations cost $12,000 to $17,000.
 Medium or mid-level kitchen renovations cost $24,000 to $34,000.
 Large or major kitchen renovations cost: $32,000 to $46,000.
Kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Temecula
Today it’s becoming essential for people to make their bathrooms and kitchen more functional and
attractive. Making these rooms more aesthetic requires more planning and attention. Elegant
homes help you to execute a remodel suited to your personal style and needs. We have been
bestowed with many awards and recognition. We are one of the leading remodeler companies in
this area. kitchen remodeling is our passion and we give first priority to our customer’s dreams. our
experts will meet with you, design your kitchen remodeling and then get the job done in a timely
Our certified professional will remodel your bathroom from scratch to every single detail. Our
affordable price, exclusive design and our skilled experts make us distinct in this area.
Our services are:
 Tub/Shower Replacements
 Tub to shower conversions
 Aged in Place specialists
 ADA conversions
 Handicap Accessible Showers
 Countertop replacement with granite and quartz countertops
 Tile and natural stone backsplash installation
 New stained or painted cabinets

Small bathroom remodel
A small bathroom can be difficult to remodel without tearing the wall and making it more functional
and spacious. By proper planning and plotting we can maximize the space. Here we have some tips
that make your small bathroom large:

 Wall-hung vanity—it will give you a little extra space to store the necessary stuff. Under
the vanity, you will get space to keep a bin which can really make a difference in small
 Short projection toilet—
if you really want to save space then use a short projection toilet.
A wall-hung toilet can help visually open the room.
 Shower Shelves- if you are renovating your bathroom then don’t forget to create inset
selves. this will provide you with more space for your cosmetics.
 Add light and bright colors- dark colors make your small bathroom much small so use
light color that reflects the light and open it up.
 Shower door—your shower door can take up much space, so it’s better to remove the
shower door and use a glass door

Bathroom remodeler companies in Temecula.
Renovation of the bathroom is an excellent process to enhance the beauty and add value to your
Do you get bored with your small and outdated bathroom?
Trust in elegant homes, we can help you to re-design the bathroom that you are looking for. As a
leading bathroom remodeling company we have a skilled and highly experienced contractor and we
provide high-quality material that runs for a long period of time.
We are your one-stop shop for bathroom remodels:
 Full bathtub & shower replacements
 Walk-in showers
 Designer cabinetry
 Vanity installations
 New countertops
 Flooring & tiling
 Custom fixtures
 Custom Accessories
Choose an Elegant home contractor for your style of home.
Elegant homes can make your bathroom extraordinary with the help of unique ideas and design
because it is the most personal and private part of your home. Our highest quality work makes us
different from other competitors. We are a certified, licensed, and bonded construction and
renovation company. We have a highly skilled contractor who can make your project more efficient.
Our contractor will help you to get your job done correctly avoid costly mistakes and guarantee
long-lasting results.
The characteristics of our bathroom remodeling contractor are:

 Integrity—Our contractors are open and transparent with their clients and do not keep
them in the dark about certain aspects of work that cannot be done within the budget and
 Timeliness—Our contractor understands how it is important to complete the job within
the estimated time without comprising the quality of work.
 Solution-orient—Remodeling contractors are solution-oriented and look at the glass as
half full. They are very capable to dissolve the problem with their knowledge and
 Overcharge—We do not overcharge you for any solution during a bathroom renovation
and even we always keep our dealing transparency.
How much does bathroom remodeling cost near you?
 Most homeowners spend an average of $10,000 on remodeling their bathrooms.
 The actual bathroom remodel cost can vary greatly, depending on the specific features.
 If you’re only adding essential features, expect to incur between $5,000 to $7,000 on average.
 Remodeling larger bathrooms and adding advanced features may cost between $13,000 to
Here are three common bathroom remodeling costs:

  1. Installing a new toilet: between $125 to $250 on the lower end, and $550 to $7800 on the
    higher range
  2. Bathtub installation: between $500 to $1,500 on the lower end, and $6,000 to $8,000 for
    luxurious bathtubs.
  3. Bathroom floors: between $800 to $2,000 for regular flooring, and $5,000 to $7,000 for
    premium flooring (such as natural stone floors).
    Home remodeling is a way to renovate your home by adding some new objects, tiles, or furniture to
    give a classy and modern look to your house. Sometimes we choose the wrong materials for our
    house, and the results ruin our dreams. Selecting the right material can make your house trendy and
    lively. Before starting, any renovation in your house doesn’t forget to create a plan, this will help you
    to upgrade your kitchen without sacrificing budget and quality. however, before selecting any
    company verify them through your personal network. Hope this information would be helpful for
    you to choose the right tiles which will enhance the beauty of your house.

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