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French Drain Installation, Delaware waterproofing.

Bid Adieu to excessive groundwater. A French drain installation by the Delaware waterproofing will help to remove excess groundwater. Water is the enemy of your home. When it rains, snows, or floods; water flows to the lowest part of your resident or commercial property.  It is an unavoidable fact that basements are flood prone areas of any home. Basement is located below the ground’s surface. Standing water in the basement harms the foundation of the house and attracts pests, termites, mosquitoes and also causes mold. It is essential to address the water issue and drainage problem quickly. It is essential in some states to have exterior French drain installation to avoid  structural damage to the home and averts flood, water damage and mold in the basement. 

   Exterior French drain installation is one of the methods of waterproofing. The Delaware waterproofing French drain installation method is highly effective to redirect water away from building up in the soil under and around your home’s parameters, preventing basement flooding or water damage.

What is a French drain?

It is a  common Delaware waterproofing service. Water diverts away from your property through a gravel- filled trench or a French drain pipe. It has a fabric filter and is covered with pea gravel which prevents the dirt from clogging the drain. A French drain installation is done when heavy rain causes excess water in the yard. This water leaks into the basement and causes significant problems. The elements used in the French drain installation are designed to allow water to pass through easily and prevent it from accumulating in the ditch. The water in French drain installation passes through gravel or stone and through the perforated pipe.

French Drain installation, a comprehensive guide

French drains comes in different sizes and have different specialties. Delaware waterproofing, French drain installation is customized as per the problem of the property . French drain installation can be done in the basement, around the houses or can be put in the yard. Delaware French drain installation is a long lasting, durable and cost effective waterproofing solution. They are unlikely to break down over time.  It is basically a dressed up trench with a mild slope to carry water from one place to another. The water filters from the surface, then carried underground and deposited at an exit point.

Components required for French drain installation.-

  • 18-inch deep trench
  • Perforated pipe(4’ diameter is common)
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Gravel or crushed stones
  • PVC couplers/ connectors
  • Top soil/ soil for backfill material

Delaware waterproofing, over the top waterproofing is sharing step by step process of French drain installation

1.French drain installation first step is choosing the exit point

It is important to choose the exit drain before the French drain installation. The collected water can be used for other works.

2.   Plan and mark, Delaware waterproofing French drain installation

 Second step is to identify the area where the water stands near the foundation of the house. Important point is to plan the path of French drain and choose the slope downward. Slope must be away from the foundation of the building. Stakes and strings prove useful to mark the path.

3. Dig the trench, next step of French drain installation

Use the shovel and dig a trench along the marked path. The trench should be 12 to 18 inches wide and deep. Slope of the trench is equally important and should be  at atleast 1 inch for every 8 feet for a proper water flow.

4 Add gravel/ base for a stable foundation

Next step of french drain installation is to fill the bottom of the trench with a layer of 2-3 inches of crushed stone/gravel. This is the foundation of the drainpipe.

5. Placing Landscape Fabric

Over the gravel , place the landscape fabric. It prevents soil from clogging the drain over time. Assure that the fabric extends the entire length of the trench.

6. Install the drain pipe, next step after placing the landscape fabric

Install the perforated plastic drain pipe on top of the landscape fabric. The face of the perforation should be down to allow water to enter the pipe. For a longer drain path, PVC couples, elbows, and connectors are suggested to join the multiple sections of the drain pipe. 

7. After installation of pipe , cover the gravel

Add one more layer of crushed stone or gravel over the drain pipe until it reaches its highest capacity.

8. Backfill the trench

Fill the remaining space in the trench with the excavated soil/ top soil. Pack the soil gently to provide stability.

9. Test the Drainage

It is an important step to ensure that water flows freely through the drain and away from the home’s foundation. Once the trench is backfilled, check the drainage by running water from a hose into the trench or wait for rain.

10. Cover and restore

Once the testing is done, ensure that the area is restored to its original condition. Cover the trench with the soil.


  1. How to maintain a french drain?

          Regular maintenance is important to prolong the life of new french drain. In a year, it is important to clean it once to remove any buildup debris. Hiring an expert is a good idea as it requires multiple people to operate. Visit today for French drain installation, Delaware Waterproofing; ( )

  1. How long does french drain installation take?

         If you hire a professional then it takes less than 6 hours, else a complete weekend one has to spend.

  1. What are the benefits of the French drain installation?

         Delaware waterproofing French drain installation is quicker in comparison to others. It helps to get rid of standing water, controlling erosion and reduces toxic rainwater runoff.

  1. How much does a french drain installation cost?

          It cost approximately $270-$350 for a 20- foot drainage system, including trencher rental. In total, it cost  $13.50-$17.50 per foot.

To wind up

This is a general overview of French drain installation process. The process or details of the French drain installation vary depending on the property layout and other factors. Consulting an expert is always a good idea. Contact today Delaware waterproofing, the French drain installation, over the top water proofing company for best services. Kindly find the link to contact them;

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