Best 5 Jewish dating coach in NYC, a guidebook to ease your search

Jewish Coach in NYC

This article highlights 5 best Jewish dating coach in NYC. They will guide you to make relationships and dating successful. Dating without coaching is challenging in Jewish culture. In Jewish Culture, dating is a serious matter and  is for mature men and women seeking their life partners.  It covers a wide range of coaching’s techniques. . To guide the Clients, techniques used are role playing, discussion, mock dates scenario, 1:1 coaching, electronic books, small group seminars , weekend seminars and many more.

Here are the best 5 Jewish dating coach in NYC;

Rabbi Doctor Jack Cohen : An Expert Jewish Dating Coach

One of the renowned dating coaches in NYC and helps with dating counseling, improving marriage relationships. With 6 years of enriching experience of working with one of the universities of Miami, he helped people with dating issues. He not only helped people from New York and other countries such as London, Mexico and many more. His specialist of orthodox Jewish dating, educates people to avoid making mistakes in dating and wedlocks.

Dr Jack serves his clients with good dating training sessions and matchmaking. With unique ideas, online assistance makes him the  best dating coach. The key feature of this coach is ‘match making’. Nuptials are important in Jewish Community . Their holy scripture,‘ Torah’ promotes union of two souls and being a follower of esteemed Rabbi, Dr jack follows Torah rigorously.

To learn more about how do he functions ; you can visit the website

Aleea Ben Shaloom: Experienced Dating Guide

One of the best of best coaches who helps you to improve and take your dating experience to the next level. She provides personalized coaching to develop long term and healthier relationships. In addition to it, she assists in quality dating experience.

As a “ Jewish Dating Guru” , she guided  men and women worldwide. She helped them to cultivate  relationships which lead to marriage. She helped 200 singles to manifest their soulmate. Besides this she trains dating coaches and matchmakers.

Aleeza’s work and relationship advice has made her appear on BBC, Netflix. Furthermore, she is an author of books on soul mate clarity such as,” Get real, Get married, and virtual dating.

To contact her , one can visit the website,

Rachal Burnhum: Popular Jewish Dating Mentor

  She has an enriched experience of dating and prepares for pre dates and post dates as well. She provides tips and guidance to make the dating decisions more clear and confident and has dated different men for 14 years. Her USP is ‘time’. She guides  you to find a companion through dating within one session.

   She has experience and  categorized dating into various stages and prepares for predates and also for post dates. A special feature is that she caters to the client’s needs. She is a people person and  guides her clients with the shortest route for a longest relationship.

Janis & Cary spindle: Jewish Dating Coach for Men only

The mother daughter duo runs a private club. They  select some women through many interview processes for the lover sphere club. Their clients are only and only male. Both mother and daughter serve the men who are serious and committed minded. Since 1993 they have created 5000 over marriage connections. This duo is a serious matchmaker in the market and they serve their clients; especially in one to one meetings. They customize and serve as per every man’s personalized needs.

Sara Malamund: Jewish Dating Adviser

She is one of the popular dating coaches and matchmakers. She uses her expertise and  collects the data of both clients.  Afterwards, she arranges meetings for a successful match. She uses ‘target marketing’ strategy. She  prescreened singles. These singles are most likely the suitable matches. She advises to serve the goal of marriage and an exclusive relationship . She assists her clients  for a potential match and helps to determine the interests, attributes, and values.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

  1. Who is the best Jewish dating coach in NYC?

The best Jewish dating coach in NYC is Dr Jack Cohen as he focuses on match making. He is among the best 5 Jewish coach in NYC.

  1. What is the key purpose of coaching?

         The key purpose is to find the best trustworthy Jewish partner. Dr Jack Cohen through his expertise helped many Jewish singles. His coaching helped many singles. He ranks among the best 5 Jewish dating coach in NYC. For more information visit the website,

  1. Why should I hire the coach?

           The coach will help to find the potential matches and particularly will help to understand the interests, values and attributes. These are the most important factors in your happiness with a Jewish potential match.

      4.  What will happen if I don’t hire a coach?

  A coach is another word for a mentor. If you have a mentor in life, then dating becomes meaningful. In Jewish Culture, dating is not done for mere entertainment. It is a first step towards meeting a soul mate and for lifelong commitments.

A Few Final Words

This article helps to find the best 5 Jewish dating coach in NYC. These coaches have the ability to guide Jewish singles through various ways. Undoubtedly famous and identified for helping Jewish singles, these coaches have a good success rate in it. This piece has served you with the best 5 coach with different USPs. It will aid you to choose the one which suits you the best. We have presented to you the people who are expert and have experience of dealing in this industry.

  These industries expert guides for a strong marriage foundation. Shallow conversations are a big no. Serious and goal oriented dating is key aspects of all these coaches. Keeping in mind that dating is not for entertainment, these coaches will help you to avoid pleasure. They guide you for premarital and post marital rules too.

Overall, if you are looking for a serious committed relationship, contact Dr Jack. He is experienced and can help  online. Book today your session and join his WhatsApp group to get guidance for a healthy and deep rooted reunion with your Jewish soul mate. 

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