Art of hand made stone washing (jeans)

Hand stone washing technique is a unique way of washing jeans , first implemented by donald freeland of america, it is also called stone wash which is very different from other washes.

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Donald freeland of the garment company attributed to the invention of handmade stone, as claude blankiet had also invented in 1980 she developed the process of washing jeans.

Hand made stone washing is a manufacturing product, which gives new clothes a different appearance. Stone washing also helps to increase the softness and flexibility of the fabrics like denim. The process of stone washing is very unique because it removes the rigid stuff from the fabrics. This process involves large stones to roughen up the fabrics, as all garments are placed at large industrial washer that is also filled with large stones, the frequency of tumbling washes impacts on the strength of the fabric, that gives different look to the product, because rubbing speed also effects fabrics too.

Hms is also a eco-friendly product which is not harmful for environment, it gives vintage looks to our denim product with less water, less time and less effort, as hms is made up of recycled pumice dust and biodegradable components, as its gives durability to our product.

Health friendly: Hms is not harmful for the workers as well, as their work involves loading stones, doesn’t effects health 

Consumes less water: Hms consumes less water in this process, as doesn’t require rinsing.

Chemicals effect : Chemical effects in hms is also very less , it only takes an adequate amount of chemical which is required for the process only.

Durability: Hms also increases the durability of the product, as it does not harm the fabric directly, even after stone wash product “shelf life” increases.

Softness:  Hms also increases the softness in denim jeans as well.

Best substitute: Hms is the best substitute of pumice stone, as it is environment friendly compared to pumice stone, as many firms use pumice stone in comparison with hms, vice versa hms washing is effective in cold water as well.

Environment friendly: Hms is also an environmentally friendly technique which doesn’t harm the environment.

Transportation effects of  hand made stone

Hand made stones are generally transported by railways and roadways as hand made stone is a durable product, it’s very easy for shipment as well because of the less depreciation.

Handmade stone: Hand made stone product doesn’t require factories to have large spaces for the product storage, it could be stored in less space as well. 

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Pumice stone: Pumice is a fine-grained volcanic rock. It is very light gray to medium gray in color. It contains different sorts of gasses and it looks like a sponge. Pumice stone is generally used by many companies, as its harms the environment and surface as well, in the washing machines large amount stone is required and it never works in cold water due to the different sort of substance, it works in warm water, and also leaks lot of water on the surface’s effects environment directly.

Hand made stone: Hand made stone is a recyclable product which is tested in a denim washing machine, it’s very light in weight, affects clothes gently and provides natural texture. Hms is getting popular because of its advantages in comparison with pumice stone.

Hand made stone washing process gives new dimension to denim jeans, as jeans look natural and gets fade naturally with time, as stone wash  jeans are different sort of jeans made by denim with different techniques including many designs of jeans like wide leg jeans, skinny, straight leg, high rise, low rise, bell bottom, ripped jeans, slim fit jeans etc. This generally gives soft texture to all traditional jeans as well.

Handmade stone jeans are comparable different from other jeans as they offer a superior level of comfort and style, hand made stone washed jeans tend to fade very less then other type of jeans, hms doesn’t affects the fabric and the quality of the jeans, while shopping for hand made stone jeans try to purchase fitted jeans.

Difference between acid wash and hand made stone jeans Headline 3

Acid wash jeans gives the bleached appearance as acid washed jeans are made up of chlorine, the texture of the jeans will be different, vice versa hand made jeans are not exposed with any chemical always gives the natural texture to the jeans, hand made stone denim jeans are also getting popular as well in all  age group as well.

Difference between pre-washing and hand made stone washing

Pre-washing technique is different where different sorts of chemicals are used to increase the fading texture of jeans, vice versa hand made stone washing technique is different where jeans fabric is washed in a unique way.

Waste & pollution management in hand made stone wash

Hand made stone wash process hardly creates mud to affect the surface,even its water can be used in the mills as well.

Reduce pollution

Hand made stone wash process generates less pollution in comparison with pumice stone which creates much, as mud created by pumice affects the outward area more.

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