5 Best Childhood Games that Teach Life Skills

The childhood games help the kids to obtain different skills like listening, being attentive, taking decisions wisely, and focusing. As the first stage of their beginning, they need to develop these skills. Both indoor and outdoor games have their significance and teach life skills.

  • PARACHUTE GAMES – Best Childhood Games

How to play this game

The game is basically about kids holding a parachute or huge sheet in a team. They need to form a circle and fling a ball up and down that is put on the parachute. They have to balance a ball in sync together as a team. 

 Which skills do kids learn from it ?

It teaches the kids skills of being focused and working in unity. Every kid should learn to work as a team as it will teach them to have respect as well as trust towards others. They will learn to coordinate as well as have a positive approach towards others.

childhood games being played by children


How to play such childhood games ?

There are a number of chairs placed alternate in line, one less than the number of participants playing. Each kid needs to walk around the line and dance until the music stops. Once the music is stopped they need to figure out an empty chair and sit there. Each round one kid will leave the game and the last one to be there on the chair wins. 

 Which skills do kids learn from it ?

 It teaches kids the skill of listening attentively. They also learn to have patience and accept that they got out without getting irritated. They learn to handle situations without fighting for the chairs and how to convince others that they won and take their stand

kids playing musical chair - childhood games

How to play this game ?

There are a number of kids sitting, forming a circle. One child goes around the circle and slightly hits the head of the kid one by one saying ‘duck’. He will choose a person from the circle and will hit and say ‘goose’. Then both the child hitting and the goose will run and fight for the place which already was of the goose. If the goose wins he doesn’t have to give his place to another one.

Which skills do kids learn from it ?

It teaches a child to analyse the person who is not attentive, like selecting a goose. Hence it is proved that through this a child learns how to make sensible and quality decisions and it will help them ahead to make decisions.


How to play such childhood games ?

First take an A-4 size paper and draw different facial expressions. Which can be an emotion of being angry, sad, feeling weak or tensed. Then put it in the basket, let each child take one sheet of emotion. Each child will act the emotion given to them and do an acting related to it. The other child will help the kid and console the kid. Example if the emotion is a sad face, the kid will act it out and the other one will ask why are you sad ? What made you sad ? And according to the answer they will try to console them.

 Which skills do kids learn from it ?

They will learn the skill of listening and understanding others. They will learn what all problems people face and how they can overcome them. They will hear and understand people with patience and kindness.


How to play this game ?

If there are four players, each player needs to turn around and be beside the other players. There will be 2 teams in four players where they need to follow the instructions of  the player helping them to play. The player will instruct them to spin the spinner and will also follow the colour directed. If they touch their knees and elbows on the sheet of the game they are out.

Which skills do kids learn from it ?

It teaches kids to be organised. They also learn how to manage and follow the rules as instructed. They learn to multi-task by using their hands and legs together and learn how to balance things. 


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