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This blog will help you in writing more SEO friendly blogs. Everyday the world is becoming more dependent on the internet. So, it is important that one understands and uses the right techniques to attract more audience to their work. Some of those techniques will be discussed in the blog below. By following these simple yet effective practices your website can easily increase its ranking in SEO.

Anchor Text

It is the text visible to users which is clickable in a hyperlink. The users can only see the text and the HTML code runs behind it. It can be easily distinguished from other text as it is usually in blue color and underlined. It is used to link one webpage to another. When used in a correct way, it can increase a website’s ranking. An anchor text should be relevant and brief. This is an example of anchor text.


Let’s start with the basics. A link can be anything from an object, text, image or button that is present on a webpage. It can be clicked on and takes the user to the desired content. Links are used to connect content and websites to other works and pages. It can be in the form of hyperlink or HTML link. The correct usage of links is a sure cut way of increasing the traffic and rank of a website.

Links can be categorized into- internal and external links.

Internal links- these are used to navigate between two pages of the same website. They help to redirect the visitors to other content available on the website and thus, increases the traffic.

External links- These are used to direct the visitors from one website to another. External links can be further classified into outbound and inbound or backlinks.

Inbound links

These are the links which points to your own website. When you are on the receiving end or when someone refers to something in your website then it is considered an inbound link. It is also known as a backlink. It brings readers from other websites to your own. Inbound links can help create confidence and trust in views. When coming from a reputed site or business, it makes your content more popular and people tend to share it more. If you post high quality content and the number and quality of your inbound links is good then, your site can gain authority. Thus, it increases the inbound traffic which further improves the rank of your webpage.

This is an example of an inbound link.


When a website recommends your webpage or refers to your content with the help of an anchor text it is known as a backlink.

Outbound link

Outbound links are opposite to inbound links. An outbound link is when you give a link to another webpage and redirect your audience to it.  If you use them in a limited but useful way, they will help improve the visitor’s experience. They provide readers with any important information you wish to share and generally increase the value and credibility of your content. But they should be used in a limited amount as they lead to vote leakages. They are not considered favorable for SEO. You can view some great SEO packages here.

If one follows the above mentioned tips one can create a more SEO friendly easily. Other than these, one should pay attention to grammar, sentence formation, using SEO appropriate titles and keyphrase.


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