WordPress 7 key features

WordPress ecosystem is a open source content management system which offers users to publish their websites without any coding knowledge, wordpress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website.

Table of content
  Key Features of wordpress
    1.1  Post
    1.2  Pages
    1.3  Media
    1.4  Themes
    1.5  Plugins
    1.7  Users
    1.8 Concluding remarks

Key features of wordpress Heading 1

WordPress is a web content management system called( cms) it is specially designed to publish  blogs , web contents, as cms allows you to be become a host and build different websites without any html coding.

We can use wordpress on paid and unpaid versions as well, as it is available with different features, wordpress is the simplest, and most popular way to create your own website or blog, infact most of the websites are powered by wordpress

WordPress key features  Heading 2


Posts are a crucial element of wordpress and most frequently used to create several types of content. it is used to post blogs too, we can also use the posts for regular or timely content, like image galleries, news articles, etc. It is one of the busiest segments of the wordpress , as you will likely spend most of your time here if your site is up and running.

On the wordpress dashboard menu, you can find the “Posts” option, click on “Posts,” and you will be able to see the options – all posts, add new, categories, and tags. we can also shares our post blogs to different social media portals as well to increase our likes like face-book,twitter,Instagram,when we do share our post on other portals this will increase the visitors percentage to view our post and website.

2. Pages

Pages are the second most important element of word press, we can make drastic changes in our website with the help of pages segment, where we can add-up our pages in the form of  about the website details content, project details, services that we are covering ,our  posts and  blogs and  pages in a structured format.

Its totally depends on the nature of work that we do , this will make an impact on our selection of pages, if we are into manufacturing segment, we will prefer to add pages  like about the company, product details, sales distribution, online sales, blogs, career and contact us vice versa.


It is the section where all your files, images, and other uploaded things are stored, as text is the crucial part of your content, but you will probably want to confirm it with relevant media like images, videos, audio, or documents,media segment show cases how you are defining your content with images and videos, if we are attaching images with your content this will make end user to understand briefly what we are trying to say in our content.


Themes are the such features which change the appearance of the website, with different designs & layout, wordpress also provides some customized themes for the users in paid and unpaid format,even  the end user can choose thousands of  free themes from word press themes option.

Paid themes will showcase more background effects to our website, our website will become more reliable and creative.

5. Plugins

WordPress plugins are also important function of wordpress site,plugins can add new functionality or extend existing functionality on your site, allowing you to create virtually any kind of website,from e-commerce stores to portfolios to directory sites, some paid plugins will be available through different e-commerce portals.


Comments are the written reactions of the readers, about different posts and blogs , their views about the specific post and their understanding,adding comments allows visitors to discuss and share your posts with their sub-ordinates.

Readers will take more interest about our content , as many comments makes an impact too.


Users are the one’s who have registered on wordpress, they can use the wordpress with username and password, user of the wordpress can add up the team members as well, end user will be the administrator for all the editors, administrator will be the concern personal who will watch the working of all the users.

Concluding Remarks Heading 3

WordPress is a content management system, it allows people to generate their website even without any coding or developing knowledge.

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