WordPress Ecosystem and it’s 7 key elements

Overview of WordPress

WordPress is the simplest way to create one’s own blog or website. In technical terms it’s a CMS(Content Management System). It was released by its founders American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little in 2003.

Basic use of WordPress

WordPress can be used to create the following kinds of websites:-

  • Blogging and personal websites
  • Business websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Travel websites
  • Online websites and many more..

7 Key elements of WordPress

 The 7 key elements of WordPress are:-

  • Post
  • Pages
  • Media
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Comments
  • Users

Dashboard is where you have access to all the elements of WordPress.


  • Post is the first element on the dashboard.
  • It is your go to element every time you want to create content for your blog/website.
  • Click on Posts>Add new
  • All the posts appear here in the descending order.


  • There can be one page or multiple pages depending on the purpose of the website.
  • The content written in the pages remain static unlike the posts and blogs which can be easily modified.
  • Examples of pages- Home, About, Courses ,Contact etc.


  • Any video, image, presentation that you upload on the website as a part of the content comes under media.
  • Once you click on media there are 2 options available.


2)Add new

  •  Library lists all the files in the media library. It can be edited and deleted from the library.
  • Add new allows users to upload files.


  • Themes allow users to choose templates for their blogs/websites. WordPress provides various pre-installed themes. It also allows installation of new themes.
  • To activate a theme for your website go to Appearance>Themes>Activate


  • Plugins help to add additional features and functions to your existing tool.
  • To add plugins click on PLUGINS.
  • Examples-Jetpack,Yoast SEO, Akismet and many more.


  • Comments section allow users to interact with you via comments and chat. They can post their comments or ask for further information/clarification on the blog.


There are 6 user roles in the WordPress ecosystem.






6.Super admin use


WordPress is the easiest and most simplest tool to start writing/blogging or creating your own website without any prior knowledge of coding.

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