Effective women’s day campaign

India is a country, where things need to change yet. No doubt we progress a lot in every sector. Although at some point we lagged before and still lagged in. To overcome these issues giant brands and names come up with women’s day campaign.

Eventually, today women are so far in the race. But what race is all about? About equality? About filling the gap? About not being too ashamed? About financial management? or about handling crucial stages of life?

On this international women’s day, some Giant companies came up with the best ideas and suggestions for women’s day campaign. That are an eye opener and must follow. Some of them are entertaining too. Some of them have entertaining flavor too! let’s have a glance:


Adidas highlights sports for every woman. No matter size, color and creep. The video shows that every woman that accepts the truth of her being is powerful. No matter what the other parameters are


Prega news

Life changes after pregnancy. Every aspect of life changes and the zero-size body too! but as you celebrate your child you should also celebrate your motherhood. Accepting all the changes either it is body or it is mind. They say to celebrate your post-pregnancy body as your #markofstrength https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq0_QQCB-YM&t=1s


Being women you have to face some stereotypes. But you must have the courage to listen your self. But above all you must have the courage to have a different plan and different opinion. Senco came up with #sunojotumchaho. Listen your voice.
SENCO Women’s Day 2023 – #SunoJoTumChunho – YouTube


Technology and technical things are not a women brunch. Breaking this mentality. However, women are at top management post in the IT sector as well. Croma cup with #Techthe first step content. For the women who never stop believing and learning.


Green soul eragonomics

This chair brand wants women to show their confidence and not to follow instruction blindly. How to sit is a very basic thing and that should not be teach. women know what makes her comfortable and thats why this brand came up with #sitlikealady.

Green Soul Ergonomics on Instagram: “‘Sit like a lady’ – All women have heard this and accommodated for far too long. Well, we’re changing the narrative with our ladies showing…”

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