Why Women are Always Unhappy with Themselves

From my childhood to my adult, I saw my mother always tense face. During the work indoor and outdoor, she was never free. Even I said many times why mom; why women unhappy own self? But my mother always told me it’s not true. Women are forever happy with their family, work, and love. But I was not satisfied with my mother’s answers.

And from time to time, I feel that women are unhappy because they do lots of work. Most of the time, no one was supporting her.
Now I’m 25 years old and travel most of the countries, traveling is my job, duty, passion everything.

In 25 years, most of the acknowledgment I achieved it that I want to know. But I always wanted to know one answer. I had no idea how easily I known this!

I’m in my routine, a usual day traveling, and capture the scenery that is my work. Suddenly! I saw a poor woman with a girl she is buying her daughter’s books am saw a woman’s eyes saw the beautiful dress under the mirror wall. And woman counting coins, but it was not enough! I saw a woman who hurt her soul but with a happy face for his daughter.

I called my mother, and I said, today I know that; my question was always wrong. But mom! Why mother forever hurt her soul?
My mother was crying and she said, I have no idea for women or mothers! But I love my family, work, and you, more than my self, and my soul is always hurting by me.

Now! I feel my mother’s words and remember all the past things. I observe the world; in the day of age, I know the answer, I’m satisfied!

6 thoughts on “Why Women are Always Unhappy with Themselves

  1. Women want’s to be happy with themself but social structure around, does not allow them to be happy, ‘alone’.
    Women are always told that “you can’t stay happy & alone both.
    Very well written & thought.

  2. Women are unhappy because the structure of the society where women never will be happy alone… and it is the right thing that she can do lots of stuffs but there is no appreciation from others..

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