Why learn a new language?

It is essential in these times to master any skill that can be a source of income in the future and can act as a shield against the uncertainty of the future. Learning something new provides people with new career opportunities that yield good results in the long term, that is job security and financial stability. One can opt for learning a new foreign language as it can be a game changer in terms of career. People these days are running behind in government jobs and nobody ever  thinks of doing something out of the box. So it is an amazing idea to learn a new language and get out of this rat race and aspire to something else that is more realistic and achievable.

Which language should you choose to learn?

When anyone decides to learn a new language the first and foremost question that comes to mind is which language is best to learn. One can opt for any foreign language they desire but it is advisable to do some research beforehand. 

Here I am going to list the languages according to their scope and the number of people and countries in the world that speak the particular language.

  1. French: it is the second most popular foreign language that is learned all over the world after English. Moreover, France is famous for its gourmet food, wines, and fashion. France is the symbol of romance and love worldwide as there are many famous couples in the world from France. One of them is Josephine and Napolean Bonaparte, who dominated the french revolution with his wife and made her the first empress of France.
  1. German(Deutsch): It is India’s second most popular foreign language after French. It was introduced in Kendriya Vidyalaya as a subject for students to study instead of Sanskrit. In our daily life,  we encounter many people who know German, so it becomes evident that it is a foreign language that is so much in demand and worth learning.
  1. Spanish: there are 20 countries where Spanish is spoken. It is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe. Spanish is the third most popular foreign language to learn in India.There are many exciting reasons to learn Spanish, the first one is everyone,s obsession with Tomatina festival, it amazes people. Others are the bull fight,food,music and its islands. These countries are worth visiting, so why not give it a chance and learn Spanish and get a chance to interact with the natives. Isn’t it thrilling?
  1. Japanese: Japan is a technically advanced country so learning its language is a good idea. All of us have heard people saying that Japnese is a difficult language to learn that is why not much people opt for learning Japnese. This implies there is relatively less competition in jobs related to Japnese and this can be beneficial for an individual as it gives an edge.
  1. Mandarin(Chinese): more than a billion people speak Mandarin across the globe. There is high demand for people who can speak Mandarin in India and work in the corporate sector. There are not so many people who can speak Mandarin in India so it gives you a benefit.

Benefits of learning a foreign language

Learning a new language means a long list of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Knowledge of different cultures: learning any new language gives one a chance to explore its rich culture and make comparisons with one’s own culture and gain important insights which leads to an increase in knowledge and further is linked with a boost in one’s confidence.
  • Learning a new language is a good idea as it gives one an additional skill that is worth showing off as it is a trend and it becomes an additional source of income.
  • It is a good career option as globalization is on the rise and nations interact with each other where the need for translators and interpreters arises.
  • An opportunity to become a polyglot: a polyglot is a person who can speak or use different languages. It is an excellent opportunity to learn and outshine this new skill of yours.
  • Learning a new language helps to improve the first language: when we learn a foreign language, at first we tend to understand it by finding a connection between the language we already know and the new language which in turn leads to improvement in the vocabulary and knowledge of the first language. Isn’t it great? You should test this yourself by enrolling yourself in a foreign language course.
  • You can move to the desired country for work or further studies. Being with natives and knowing their language gives you the additional benefit of better connectivity. You can interact with them in their language which is a plus point and is going to help you make friends in the new place so soon.


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