Why Anchor text, link(Inbound and Outbound) and Backlinks are important in SEO Content?

SEO-friendly content significantly improves a website’s rating. In this piece, you are going to know about technical phrases like “Anchor Text,” “Links,” “Inbound links,” “Outbound links,” and “Backlinks” to create SEO-friendly content. Moreover, Backlinks are the most important term in SEO.

Anchor Text

The text of a hyperlink is also called anchor text (also known as link text or reference text). The anchor texts are marked and separated from the rest of the content. Anchor texts are critical for internal and external linking, as well as for a website’s accessibility.


Anjana Om Kashyap is one of the best journalists in India.

Here “ Anjana Om Kashyap” is the anchor text of the sentence.

Importance of Anchor Text

  • Firstly Anchor Text helps Google to analyze the ranking of websites. As well as Anchor text helps users if they want to click the link or not.
  • The linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. So, search engine algorithms measure an anchor text (placed).


Click or tap on an HTML object known as a link (short for hyperlink), you can move to a different place. Almost every webpage contains links, which offer a convenient way to move between them.



Importance of Link

  • Links connect text, images, as well as other HTML components.
  • Links on pages function as votes of confidence, authority, and legitimacy.
  • A page’s rating can increase as a result of the increased number of users it receives from links to that page.

Inbound Link

A link from another website to a page on your website is known as an inbound link. An article with a high number of inbound links from well-known websites is trustworthy and very systematic. Basically, those famous websites express their trust in the content by linking to it.


Salini Nandi is a blogger at medium.com.You can find her articles here.

In the above sentences “medium.com” is the home page and an inbound link is “here”.

Importance of Inbound Link

  • Inbound links help the content to be more efficient for the users.
  • More Inbound links help the website get closer to the user.

Outbound Link

Outbound links are links that direct visitors from one website to another. They are helpful for the content to add context and to direct readers to another source. It contains more important information about the subject.


Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and Managing Director of Reliance group of company.

Here “Reliance” links to external websites so this is an outbound link as well as Anchor Text.

Importance of Outbound Link

  • Outbound link increases the quality of SEO Content.
  • On a webpage, text or images are most used to ease outbound links.
  • Outbound link mostly used for the text and hyperlinking.


Backlinks are links that go from one website to a page on another website (such as “inbound links,” “incoming links,” or “one-way links”). Google gazes at other top search engines as “votes” for a certain page. Pages with lots of backlinks score well in natural search results.


Prashant Kishore was the founder of I-pac.

In this sentence firstly I-Pac is the outbound link and it is backlink for the I-pac’s official website.

Importance of Backlink

  • Backlinks improve websites’ ranking and make them more efficient for the user.
  • Backlinks make websites more appealing to the user and make the content trustworthy.

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