Who should be controlled: Girls or Boys?

Who should be controlled: Girls or Boys?

Humans are categorized based on their gender: whether one can be a girl or a boy. Although everyone is having the same blood, heart, and emotions, despite all this one is superior to the other WHY?
This sort of discrimination and inequality prevails to this date. This is the main reason behind the crimes against women.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2011, there were more than 228,650 reported incidents of crime against women, while in 2021, there were 4,28,278 reported incidents, an 87% increase. In other words, approximately 100 women were raped in a day in India.
This data reflects the scenario and situation of women in India. Moreover, it contemplates India’s legal and justice system, which sometimes fails to provide justice to the victims and their families. WHY crime rate is increasing? WHY nobody can control it?
The answer to all of the problems is the same inequality, discrimination, and boundaries and restrictions for girls. On top of everything, it is the evil intentions of boys or men. Our law and judicial system are weak to give a strong punishment to the culprits so that they have fear and shame before doing such a thing to any girl.
The kind of crimes women/ girls have to go through that shake them from inside such as:
Even facing such incidents in daily life women are not giving up on their dreams. They are being stronger and fighting with bravery.
Based on a survey, people tend to think that crimes against women are only because of their dress style. They are wearing shorts, short dresses, and western outfits which seems to be a factor against crimes.
How this can be true or logical? It is their body their choice, what to wear and what not? Who are these people blaming her? Instead of criticizing and blaming the girl’s outfit, there’s a need to change the mindset of the boys and men who sees women as a thing of pleasure.
There are restrictions for women such as: not being late, not going out at the night alone, not having male friends, and many more. BUT nobody questions boys, not even their family: Why they were out at night? What were they doing?
BOYS/MEN don’t have any limitations. WHY? They are the only reason behind crimes against women. They are the ones who make every place insecure for women.
In a rapidly growing economy, everything seems to be growing with speed, and crimes too. India which is a land of goddesses, where people pray to goddesses for their safety, health, and wealth, who are also women, and in that same nation women are not safe and secure. Is this not a shame for us?
Restrictions, limitations, and frontiers are should be for boys, not for girls. BOYS need to change their state of mind and make this place safe for women so that they can also live freely, as per their will.
India’s judicial system should be strong and should take bold and powerful actions toward culprits.
These are the several things that need to be switched for making India, a better INDIA.

Questions may ask:

  1. What are the reasons behind the crimes against women?
    Ans. There are several reasons such as:
    Inequality, discrimination, and weak laws for women’s safety.
  2. How crimes can be controlled?
    Ans. These crimes can be controlled by teaching girls self-defense and making Indian laws stronger which are related to women’s safety.

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