When a Man is Raped

“So, it doesn’t happen to men, are you sure? I dare you to think again because you will be surprised when you see the number of men raped.”

Rape of men is still a taboo. When we overhear the word “Rape”, it automatically makes up the image of a male culprit and a female victim. But in reality, men do get raped. Likewise females, male victims find it difficult to report a sexual violence they experienced, especially in a society with a strong masculine customs. They are considered “unmanly” to be called as male survivors in a society where men are always considered to be “strong” and “rigid.”   

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. a 2011 survey, among 302 male college students. It was found that 51.2 percent reported at least one sexual victimization experience since age 16. Moreover, a 2008 study of 98 men interviewed on the United States National Crime Victimization Survey found that around half of the men (46%) who reported some form of sexual victimization were victimized by women. We can say that Female-on-male rape is under-researched compared to other forms of sexual assaults.

men is raped

Male-on-male rape has always been accepted with disgrace. According to Psychologist Sarah Crome, less than 1 in 10 male-on-male rapes are reported.Male rape victims disclosed that a lack of services, support, and legal systems are often unqualified for such type of assaults. With an intention to give a light in this direction, Reynhard Tambos Maruli Tua Sinaga, the most prolific rapist who was convicted of 159 sex assaults, including 136 rapes of young straight men committed in Manchester, England during 2015- 2017. But soon the light faded and a conversation never had.


  • MALES ARE NOT VULNERABLE- Society always depicted that it’s fair to wear a mask on boys from a very early age indication of “manliness” and “masculinity” an image that is deeply ingrained in most of us and can lead to intense feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy for the male survivor of sexual assault. Our society pictures that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness. But in reality it’s a signature of “Solidity.”
  • MALES ALWAYS WANT SEX- A number of sexual violence is wrapped by imuting dishonesty. Sexual victimization may be reframed as a form of sexual initiation because of the image of men that they always want sex. Male victims may experience pressure to interpret sexual victimization by women in a way more consistent with masculinity ideals, such as the idea that men should relish any available opportunity for sex. As a result, a number of male victims find it difficult to report it as a sexual assault and pretend to be a incident with their consent.
  • TRAUMATIZATION- Men prefer to suffer in silence than to be titled as “unmanly” by society. It does not signify that men are less negatively affected. Studies show that the long term effects are damaging for men. may especially Maybe because of the social stigma and disbelief of their victimization. It is found that depression and hostility are more profound on male victims immediately than on female victims.

Acceptance becomes painless when the listener plays a significant role in underreporting of male sexual violence. We know female survivors never report their experiences but it’s so disheartening to know that among men ,it’s even higher.- there’s nothing unmasculine about that. As a result of their guilt, shame and anger, some men punish themselves by getting into self-destructive behaviour after being raped. 

           “The pain is just the same, let’s all just heal the intensity of the shame.”

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