What is termite inspection? Does it come under the pest control service?

Termites may demolish a home’s structure and render it vulnerable. They influence the structural integrity of properties and cause financial damage. A termite inspection is a wood-destroying insect assessment that entails evaluating decaying wood for insects that degrade wood.

Visible indications of internal or exterior destruction to a wooden structure form the basis of termite inspections. Termite infestation indicators include live termites, discarded wings, termite droppings, mud tubes, stuck doors and windows, and wood damage.

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Procedure for termite inspection

The inspector inspects the entire property, including basements, window frames, door frames, and cupboards. Termites use the pipes’ underground access to enter the residence, so the inspector concentrates on bathrooms and kitchens.

The inspector then evaluates the home’s exterior for cracks or fissures, insect mud tubes, and degradation of any wood structures on the surface. Following the external examination, the inspector examines the nearby yards to look for evidence of termite infestation.

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Duration of termite inspection

The time it takes an inspector to check your home for termites varies depending on the size of the building. Termite inspection might take between 30 to 45 minutes on average.

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Termite removal treatment

After the termite inspection, the inspector will suggest treatments for termite removal.

The common types of treatment include the application of liquid termiticides and termite baits. 

Drawing parallels between pest control and termite removal treatment

Pest control treatments are topical, but they have little impact on subterranean termites in their sheltering mud tubes and underground colonies. Pest control companies do not eliminate the pest population but keep it under control.

On the other hand, termite treatment eradicates termites from your house. Pest control methods differ greatly from effective termite treatment.

Pest control professionals only need to sprinkle the pesticide at a suitable location. Termite treatment is extensive and includes digging the ground, piercing through wood, laying bait, and other tasks.

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