What is wordpress?

WordPress was created in 2003 . and it’s software that helps the user to build websites for free without the knowledge about coding . It has a lot of customisations and plugins that help the users in building their blog .It makes your website look appealing to the users using the media and templates . around 30 percent of the internet is built using the wordpress application . It’s a great tool for the content creators to publish their contents without much hassle. If we have to know accurately , WordPress has more than 11000 templates to choose from . guess what , it’s totally free but….

There are two types in wordpress 

  1. WordPress.com
  2. wordpress.org

In wordpress.com everything is free . You can build websites , blogs and much more but you won’t own that website .And it has limited customisations .

In wordpress.org you own your website . you can select a domain name that you like and you pay for it . you own that website to yourself . The great thing is you can monetize and make money on your own through advertisements.

The key elements of wordpress

The wordpress application is made of these important key elements .These can be used to create and publish your content to millions of people around the globe .








8.Concluding Remarks


The post is where the written content is present .The content creator writes the contents in the page using a lot of customizations .It is shown in the results based on the continent searched rather than the date of publishing .


The page is an area on your site where you display the content . the content can be customizable and the creators can choose from the lot of customizations offered by the wordpress application.


Media is a tab or an option in wordpress application from which you can manage the uploads (images, audio, video, and other files)


Themes are the collection of files by which you can produce the graphical interface of the website .

You can use the themes to make your blog appealing to  the users .


Plugins add new functionality and improve existing functionality , features . it is basically a piece of software that plugs into  your wordpress application . and wordpress application offer a wide range of these plugins.


Comments are a way  to interact with your website visitors . they can share their opinions about the content in the comment section provided for the blog . allowing comments section is in the hands of the website creator . if he chooses not to interact he can always leave the comments section.


There are a total six different types of user roles in the wordpress application . they have their respective capabilities . and their user roles are distinctive to each other.

1. Administrator Role · 2. Editor Role · 3. Author Role · 4. Contributor Role · 5. Subscriber Role. 6. Super Admin.

    Administration role 

    Administration has all the control of the website . He can add or delete , upload the content as he desires . He has the full responsibility for the website . 

Editor role

The editors can add and delete , publish the post on the websites .

Author role

An author can create , edit and delete their own posts .He doesn’t have access to all the other  posts on the websites .

Contributor role

The contributor can read , edit and delete the posts . It’s a stripped down role of an author . it doesn’t have all the access.

Subscriber role

The subscriber can log in to the website but he cannot change the content . He can read all the contents but can’t edit , delete and publish new content.

Super admin

The super admin can make high level changes as the administrator . and the dashboards of the super admin and administrator looks similar.they can manage users , networks and plugin’s

Finally , wordpress is an application which offers content creators the free access to create websites . and it offers a lot of customizations and plugin’s .The people who are interested in content creation should make use of this application .With a slight knowledge about  wordpress everyone can create money generating websites and blogs . They can promote their business using this application. 

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