What is WordPress? – An Overview for Beginners

WordPress is a Website designing tool that helps you to make a professional website or blog without hiring a web designer or web development expert. You can easily make a website within a few minutes.

Histroy – At a Glance

WordPress was started out as an alternative platform to b2/cafelog( a blogging software). This software was discontinued by its developers in 2003. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who are users of this software, build WordPress for the ease of blogging. It was built as a blogging platform initially and its first version was WordPress 0.7. Nowadays, it is used for website designing and blogging.

There are some useful key elements of WordPress, which makes it a user-friendly for everyone. You should know these before working with WordPress.

Some Key elements of WordPress

  • Post – This is a very common term nowadays, especially for social media. Post is a type of content that is shared by a user’s profile. This content could be of various forms like – an image, an article, a video, or a link. The purpose of a post is to create awareness about your website. In WordPress, you can create a categorized post and share it.
  • Pages – This contains static information about businesses, communities, or other social groups. This is usually made for the purpose of direct interaction with the customers and general public through various posts. This is the showcase of your website.
  • Media – This is the plural form of medium and it refers to a communication channel through which some thoughts, videos, or images are shared with the general public. In WordPress, there is a media library, where you can edit or manage uploaded media for a post.
  • Themes – This is an idea or topic expressed in the creative representation that includes different colors, typography, page layout, and backgrounds. You can choose a variety of themes in WordPress and apply them with a single click. There are around 15,000 premium themes available in WordPress.This makes the website impressive and unique.
  • Plugins – This is a small piece of software that can be easily installed in WordPress, and used to extend its built-in set of features and improves the SEO of the website. Around 60,000 plug-ins are available in WordPress for making your website attractive.
  • Comments – These are the responses of visitors who visit the site. This is an easy way of communication where a visitor expresses their opinions about the content. In WordPress, you can easily enable or disable the comments for a post or a page.
  • Users – Those persons who are registered on the site are called users. There are 6 different roles of a user in WordPress – 1. Super Admin  2. Administrator  3. Editor  4. Author  5. Contributor   6. Subscriber  

What things do you need to use WordPress?

For using WordPress, you need these-

  • Download –  You need to download and install it from the website.
  • A Domain Name – This is the address of your website. For example- ipubpro.com
  • A Web Hosting setup/ Web Server – This is the specified place on the internet where your website is going to be kept and make accessible through the internet.

WordPress is beneficial for –

  • Students – for their projects
  • Bloggers –for sharing their work
  • Entrepreneurs/ start-ups – for reaching the target audience
  • Individuals – for gaining knowledge

Concluding Remarks

WordPress is a Website designing tool. It has different key elements which are explained here and are easy to use. All these features make WordPress stand out from the crowd and much more reliable for creating and designing a website as a reflection of your identity.

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