We must protect nature and the environment.

We must protect nature and the environment. People are becoming harmful to nature, instead of shielding our surroundings, are spoiling them. Even though they are aware of the repercussions of it, still they ignore it. If we compare to ancestors our life became more materialistic. They were happy with fewer resources and respected what they had in their lives. 

We must protect nature and the environment.

Many innovations fulfill human needs but they are detrimental to nature and creatures. For instance, Toothpaste is a manmade product, we should not swallow it because it has chemicals that are unsafe for the human body Also its tube is made of plastic, cannot be recycled, and goes to landfills. Still, we use that. We meet up with good things by social media but we only see it, not adapting it. 

 Furthermore, Due to civilization many trees were uprooted, and constructed high-rise buildings. Here failing to get good ventilation and natural air. As a consequence of this new types of diseases are unveiling.  Deforestation is not only damaging the natural resources but also unfavorable for some species. Lots of species are endangered and not able to bring them back. 

What are the steps humankind should take to guard nature and the environment?

1.    Every parent should educate their kids not to discard waste in such places as roads, buildings, empty places, parks, and so on.

2. The government should take stringent action against the people who are throwing the junk.

3.    Environmentalists should explain the consequences of harming nature to the public.

4. Schools should take extra classes on how to safeguard our surroundings.

5.    Each company should create awareness about the environment for their employees.

6.    If Industries and factories are dangerous to nature then their license should be canceled without considering any political power and higher authority influence.

7.    More often should plant new plants and water them.

8.    Everyone should get the habit of gifting plants and trees for all occasions like Birthdays, Marriages, and other ceremonies, rather than presenting molded items.

9.    Should avoid using things that are unsafe for the environment.

10.           Government administration should announce the rewards to the general public who are planting and watering them. 

Consequences of the harmful environment:

1.    Suffer from incurable diseases is a consequence of the harmful environment :

Mankind has many health issues because of food consumption which has chemicals. Some company’s goal is to make money but will not follow government regulations. Due to this human beings discover many health problems which are not curable and people have to lose their lives.

2. Difficulty in bringing back extinct species is a consequence of the harmful environment:

Farmers destroy forests for agricultural purposes. As a result of it animals and birds have to shift from one place to another which may not be safe for them. 

  3. Climate change:

Predicting weather conditions is tough so let’s all make resolutions to keep our environment clean and tidy. Climate change has become a universal problem now, so we must protect nature and the environment.

4.    Contaminated water:

Industries and factories play a pivotal role in this. They release polluted water to rivers and lakes so that water becomes poison for humans as well as animals, birds, and other creatures.

5.    Air gets polluted is a consequence of the harmful environment:

Utilizing nonrenewable energies air gets adulterated so it makes the respiratory system weak.

To summarize, we must protect nature and the environment to help to have a better and healthier lifestyle. Otherwise, we all have to face many problems and upcoming children also have to struggle a lot in this world.

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