Waving at her smile

Sometimes I have no idea
If things were falling in the right side of  media 
People say glory is at stake
When no one believes in equality but disgrace 
I find it difficult 
To stand in this society 

I wonder 
Who thinks it is right
Holding onto a single handed leader in sight?
More like we don't know how to change the pase 
Of inequality and outrageous hemming gate 

Holding no clue
I have something to ask you,
Are women not worthy to sling along ?

I have read a few stories 
All about the 1800s,
She was beaten till death
Sati was practised,
burning her live till death

Hopeless was then 
Women belonged just in a den 
Household was their only job 
I must say it again
You should know it wasn't even right then

Moving on,
Jumping years
Things seem not to change 
1900s I had read
Quest for equality continued all along
Not much changes were seen back then
She was still beaten by drunk males
Forced to do something she never wished
And sometimes even beaten to death 

I have had no clue
Even when all of us are part of this lagging
We need a voice
To stand against the hurting plight
Each day they whimper
In silent night, you can hear their pain 

Women aren’t afraid 
Just trying to keep inside their pain
We all need to know
Where have we gone wrong 

Bruises on their body
No opportunity to stand for themselves
Those tears that fall
Cost all of us a huge price 
We made so many unfair deals
Costing most of them their lives

Do no individuality exist?
Why do females have to depend on males?
Their ideas, their opinions, their words
Don’t they  have a stand ?
Have you really wished for all of this?

Honestly, I want equality
I want justice
I want freedom of speech for all
Freedom to stand and speak their heart

Everyday, we need to take a step 
Ready to stand against a huge mess
For all, we need to build a society
Having equality, integrity and respect for oneself and for all

No more pains and no more fights
We need to stand together and unite
Having one goal 
We need to achieve it day and night
Looking at my country, smiling 
I know India isn’t too back in the line
I want my nation proud of all
Not just men but one and all

Indira gandhi, Rani lakshmi Bai
Anandibai Joshi, Kalpana Chawla 
So many more made all women around the globe proud

Now, let us finally break all the chains
Deciding no destiny without their brains 
Allowing them to freely reach a great height
Do whatever they feel like
All they really need is a push for once in their life
I want to wave back to their simpers and smile all along the line

3 thoughts on “Waving at her smile

  1. Hope you continue with these writings girl as we all know the pen is mightier than the sword. This is one of those poems that compel us to think and maybe change the way we think.

  2. Too good girl very proud of u love ya alot keep it up god bless you your writing are amazing ❤️👏🏻😍😘👍🏻 All the best for more stuff .

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