Vaastu and its relevance for homes

Background of Vaastu

The concept of Vaastu and its relevance for residences has been there for thousands of years in India and has been in practice when constructing homes. The conviction and faith displayed by people on this ancient tradition carries throughout the ages and is evident even today.

Vaastu as a concept, as well as Vaastu’s relevance for homes has its roots in both Civil engineering as well as in Architecture and is based around basic common sense observed by the ancients in India.

In that sense it is similar to what Feng Shui represents for the Chinese.

To begin with, Vaastu believes in the presence of an imaginary entity with his head in the North-East and legs facing South-West. Any disturbance to these directions is perceived to cause ill luck for the residents.

It is for this reason that Vaastu Shastra (the science of Vaastu), suggests ideal directions for rooms and activity areas within a house or building.

Vaastu Concepts pertinent to homes

Some basic concepts to remember when considering Vaastu applicability for homes, are that directions have a special significance within and outside a house.

Avoid being too close to mountains, have water bodies either in North, North-east or East, and avoid obstructions such as buildings or flyovers in the North, North-East or East.

Plant trees of specific types in certain directions :

  • North should have Palkar trees
  • East should ideally have Banyan
  • South-East should have Pomegranate
  • South should have Gular
  • South-West should have Jamun/Imli/Kadamb
  • West should have Pipal
  • North-West should have Bel

The shape of a house should be either square or rectangle, and shapes such as round, triangle, oval etc. should be avoided.


Vaastu as a concept will remain as long as people continue having faith in this ancient methodology.

Vaastu and its relevance for homes will always remain given Vaastu’s growing popularity in the younger population today.

Its adaptation to urban living spaces where large amounts of construction activity is seeing a surge, is the reason for its popularity.

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