Unethical advertisements should be banned

These days, many people use unethical advertisements to gain more customers. They give the wrong idea about the product to society. As far as I am concerned, unethical advertisements should be banned. They tend to play with the minds of the consumers.

Advertisements indeed play a great role in today’s society. They have a great influence on consumers. Advertisements make them aware of the product or the service. They do not need to go outside their comfort zones to know about the product. Advertisements are really useful and important to both, the seller and the buyer. The seller doesn’t need to roam around to sell his products anymore. He can put on advertisements to attract buyers. There are many ways in which he can advertise his products such as commercial ads, posters, taglines and so on. 

Even though advertisements have so many benefits, I completely agree with the fact that unethical advertisements are unacceptable in today’s society. People should use ethical ways to their products. Advertisements are a great way to influence the minds of consumers. Buyers should not take the wrong advantage of it. The role of advertisements is to attract consumers to buy your product. It is not to manipulate them in the wrong way. Unethical advertisements can get you and your customers into big trouble. 

There are many examples of unethical advertisements such as the use of drugs in promoting the product, violence and abusive language, use of weapons and so on. These methods might manipulate the minds of the customers. They can go on the wrong path if they follow these methods. They can turn out pernicious for the consumers.

Some advertisements influence consumers so strongly that they cannot stop themselves from buying that product. For instance, cigarettes are exceedingly harmful to everyone around the globe. The sellers, these days, advertise them in such a way that makes customers think it’s beneficial. To promote the same, they provide free samples to the customers but as we know, one sample of a cigarette would not kill them but it might lead to customers buying more cigarettes and developing a habit of smoking every day. Another example we can take is of books promoting drugs and other pernicious items. The sellers put on boards on roads with an attractive tagline ‘buy one get one free’. It makes the consumer think they would get more value at less price. They end up buying the product but they often forget that the product might hamper their lives. These types of advertisements are unethical and unacceptable. 

In today’s society, where the youth is completely dependent on advertisements, unethical advertisements should be banned. They can turn out to be dangerous for people around the globe. People should use the right methods to advertise their products. This way, consumers are safe from harmful products. Also, the government should take strict action against the people who use these unethical methods to promote their products or services. Consumers should also be extra careful. They should not be completely dependent on advertisements.

Let’s make this world a safe and better place to live in by not opting for unethical methods for advertising our products.

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