Trust Your Skills and the Rest will Follow

Back in my sixth grade, when I wrote my first poem about spring, I knew I wanted to be remembered as a writer. Little did I know that I am going to write articles and blogs from a simple ten line poem and become a published writer one day.

What kept me going throughout is that I trusted my skills when nobody else did.  

I believed that if I trust my skills, the rest will follow.

Have unquestioned faith in your abilities because it will give you the strength to achieve your goals. It will open up a realm of possibilities. 

Trusting your skills requires leaving behind self-doubt and fear. Move forward, even if the whole world is against you. 

Carry on even when your closest relations may pull you back. 

It’s sad how parents force their kids who are skilled in creative arts to become engineers and doctors. It’s primarily on the rise in India.  I remember the odds were against me. It was unlikely for me to become a writer since I belonged to a family of healthcare professionals. I was constantly reminded of how only mainstream careers have a scope. I was constantly reminded of how vaguely I envisioned my future. 

I don’t have a background in Literature (as opposed to contrary beliefs). Nor do I have an extraordinary vocabulary. I come from a computer science background (But I still don’t know the ABC of programming) yet I know I’ll make a better writer. 

And, today, I take pride in my abilities because I refused to give up. 

Trusting your skills require not conforming to the social norms. 

Remember how every time someone decides to become an entrepreneur, quit a job or drop out of college to pursue their dreams, relatives are the first one to judge. People are more likely to say that you will fail than you will succeed. Judgements or apprehensions will come your way but have faith in yourself.   

No matter how great the opportunities are, a lack of belief will restrict you from realizing your true potential. Be confident enough to bet on your skills. 

Focus on what you are good at and take it to the next level. 

Keep trying even if it takes you a while. 

I got my first content writing internship after 50 rejected applications on Internshala (I wasn’t answering the questions well).

However, what began as a two-month internship went on to last for two years. When my initial internship duration ended, the satisfaction and trust my employer gained from my work helped me bag freelance writing assignments for his clients.

Do not give up! Opportunities will come your way one day or the other. 

Utilize that time to brush up your skills, build your repertoire, and learn new things that will help you grow. 

Start with smaller projects, even if you feel the incentives are low. See it as an opportunity to grow and learn

Here’s another instance from my life, I was once hired for a one-month internship with a decor brand that offered a stipend of Rs 2000. The low reward didn’t stop me from delivering good quality work. As a result, I got a raise and happened to earn 12K in another three months.

You see, I earned more than what I had initially signed up for!

Now obviously, it isn’t millions! But I made enough to pay for my expenses, to buy things I wanted without bothering my parents and yes, to indulge in some guilty pleasure! (Shopping or going to cafes with friends). 

And, every time I did, it gave me a sense of achievement and fulfillment because it was my skills that paid. 

You too will have!

Trusting your skills have unending benefits. It can help establish your brand identity. 

Trusting your skills will help you foster good relations with your employers. It has rewards greater than monetary benefits. 

My previous boss gave me a recommendation letter when I was applying for my studies abroad. (Remember what I told you?)

Trusting my skills has helped me negotiate for what I believe is fair. 

When you trust your skills, you won’t be afraid or shy of asking for what you deserve. Nor will you be afraid of walking away from places where you don’t feel valued. 

Invest in your skills whenever you feel the need. Be it money, effort, or time. 

I had worked as a freelancer for two years, yet I knew I was way behind, and I lacked a lot. So I chose to enroll for a formal content writing course. Even though I had to invest all my hard-earned money (that’s a real dilemma), I decided, I must because it was for my skill development and my growth as a writer. 

And yes to my delight it did help! In fact, it was one of the best decisions of my life. I learned the nuances of writing and got introduced to various forms. I learned new tips and tricks and realized the mistakes I had been making. Moreover, it helped me become a certified content writer.

Now, that’s the deal, invest in your skill enhancement, and it will deliver you high returns. 

But beware of fake sources and don’t waste your time on things you have no talent for. 

Don’t be afraid even when the circumstances change or when certain doors close.

I have had long gaps between finding internships. Even my freelancing work with a firm came to an end when they hired more in-house writers. The number of projects would fluctuate between months from getting many to sometimes none. And yes, academics and personal struggles have also served as interference but I didn’t stop looking for options. And neither should you! The right opportunities will surely knock on your door. 

Here are some valuable lessons I learned, 

Do the right thing at the right time. Don’t compromise on the quality of your work even if there are roadblocks. 

There will be phases when you feel disinterested but remain persistent. Even I have battled writer’s block, a lack of motivation, and laziness, but I knew my hard work would pay off if I deliver good work. 

Focus on a particular niche and look for opportunities at various places. Build your blog or website or sign up on (I regret not doing that)

Be open to experiments and discoveries. Gain exposure in different sectors where your skills can be utilized. (I stuck to the same industry for two years without trying out new things, that’s where I flawed a bit) 

Seek constant feedback at every step. Accept criticism and value the suggestions of those who hire you. 

Learn the accompanying skills and expand your horizons. Be open to change by stepping out of your comfort zone. Example, as a programmer, you might have to learn new coding languages. As a digital marketer, you might have to learn SEO optimization. 

Keep learning and trust your skills. It will make you optimistic about the future, and your spirits will be lifted. 

Even if you haven’t yet reached the milestone you were aiming for, be willing to work on your skills. 

Be it anything, designing, developing, marketing or communication, hone your skills. Strive to be known for what you’re good at. Make your skills a part of your identity. Let it speak for you!

Turn your skills into your greatest assets. The future holds bright for skilled individuals.

Trust your skills because you have a long way to go!

People can’t do something’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something’, go get it. Period.The Pursuit of Happiness

So are you ready to trust your skills? Do share your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Trust Your Skills and the Rest will Follow

  1. I can actually completelt relate to your points because i had to put up a fight for being in this genre even though i am from a literature background. But i didn’t gave up my passion and i am so grateful to some mentors and several. Internship and freelance experiences.
    Kudos to you!!

    1. Thank you so much Pallavi. I am really happy to know about your experience and how personal struggles didn’t stop you from following your heart.
      My heartfelt regards to you, keep going 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Pallavi. I am really happy to know about your experience and how personal struggles didn’t stop you from following your heart.
    My heartfelt regards to you, keep going 🙂

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