Topic: What is Excellence? See Top 2 FAQs Usually Asked by Folks


So, if we ask how you interpret “excellence,” what would you say? The ability of someone to score 100 out of 100 in a specific subject in a school exam, or their potential to mint massive money once they start earning. Probably, you would agree with both. Isn’t it? But still, we are far from the exact definition of excellence, no? So, let’s get deeper insights into it:

What is Excellence?

“Well,” if you look at the online definition of excellence, you will come across sentences similar to – the quality of being exceptionally good in a “certain” activity or area. It is correct; we don’t deny that. But the question is, what will you call a person who performs poorly in one “area” but impressively in other? Are they dumb or still excellent? Well, to wrap your mind around that, let’s shift to the next topic, i.e., 

How can one achieve excellence?

To frame it in simple words, we must say – do the right thing. Yes, because excellence is the “result” of paying heed to what we do and how we can put our best effort into the goal we want to achieve. Ok? What’s more? Excellence is one of the most evident expressions of:

1. Inner integrity 

2. Passion, and 

3. A “strong” desire to stand out from the crowd

So, the fact of the matter is that the skills or resources that you have now must not become a constraint to your thoughts of giving the best shot in any job you do. It is “your” attitude and the will to do something that leads to excellence. Ok? Got it? 

Now, let’s switch to:

How many excellent people are in this world?

“To be frank,” there are almost 775.28 crores people across the globe according to the 2020 data, and not all are excellent. Now, you might wonder, why did we say this, right? So, we must inform you that it is “not” necessary that every person residing on this planet has made it big in their life. But, if some of them have done the same, they “surely” fit the bill of excellence. 

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