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Do you search for the top ten solar companies in Nevada? This article answers all your questions.

Solar panels in Silver State Nevada have gained significant popularity over the years. The state’s abundant sunshine and favorable policies support renewable energy. Solar panel installation in this region is great for being cost-effective in the long run when compared to traditional power companies with rising power bills. Moreover, this appreciates the value of your property and resale price. The ranking of the top ten solar companies in Nevada is based on Nevada-specific experience, maintenance and monitoring services, customer reviews, cost, and warranties.

Following are the Top ten solar companies in Nevada

The top ten solar companies that provide services in Nevada are Watt Bros Solar, Sun Power, Momentum Solar, Intermountain Wind and Solar, Elevation, Solar Optimum, Kota Energy Group, ADT Solar, Blue Raven, and sol up.

Watt Bros Solar-Best solar company in Nevada.

It’s a well-known and one of the top ten solar companies that specialize in designing and installing solar panels. They are recognized for their high-efficiency solar panels and innovative solar solutions. It is the best solar company that helped many house owners to change to solar power. The company caters its solar services to a wide range of people from residential, corporate, and industries. They operate in many locations including the states of Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Georgia. The features offered by this company yield great customer satisfaction. Watt Bros help the people of Nevada step into green energy with confidence and make this transition journey seamless.

Simple installation process:

You can get a free quotation at any time. The team representative will suggest an optimal solar system that suits customers’ budgets.

An additional perk from Watt Bros is its 45-day installation warranty. The installation process begins as soon as the local permissions are sought. They promise a free 6-month solar bill if installation time exceeds 45 days.

25 years warranty period:

All charges are taken care of under the 25 years warranty period. This includes a warranty on Panels, energy production, and workmanship. This is one of the great features served by Watt Bros which makes people choose this as the best solar company to get started.

No upfront credit checks:

At Watt Bros, you do not worry about credit checks before the installation. They also offer free quotations.

Quality is the priority:

Watt Bros uses updated solar technology. They deliver top-quality solar panels with faultless installation. Each step in the installation is done with utmost diligence. They get high-grade solar panels from reliable and top-rated solar panel manufacturers.

Prowess and professionalism:

Our experts make customized and efficient designs that best suit your finances, energy needs, and end objectives.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. 24×7 customer support address all queries immediately. Right customer service is ensured in all stages like consultation, installation, and system maintenance. The after-installation services maintain optimal conditions of the solar panels to achieve durability.

Impeccable record:

Watt Bros is one of the top solar companies in Nevada that has installed many solar panels with good customer ratings and reviews. They not only render services with commitment but understand the emotional concerns of customers and connect with them while in transition to solar energy.

Great value and good returns:

The major benefit after solar panel installation is the power bill reduction. You can reduce by 40-60% in power bills and enjoy the returns of converting to solar.

Rewards for reference:

For every reference that works with Watt Bros, a bonus of $500 is given. The person whom you refer also enjoys a discount of the same amount. So it’s a win-win situation for both.

Federal solar investment tax credit:

Watt Bros is the best solar company that guides and educates customers to avail of all the incentives like solar investment tax credit, and incentives by local and state bodies. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal incentive available in the United States to encourage solar energy systems. It allows individuals and businesses to claim a tax credit based on a percentage of the cost of installing eligible solar energy systems.

 2. Sun Power:

Sun Power is one of the best solar companies known for its high-efficiency solar panels and comprehensive energy solutions. Here are some key features and aspects associated with Sun Power.

They are High-Efficiency Solar Panels, Quality, and Reliability of the panels, 25 years of Warranties on product, performance, workmanship, and Commitment to Sustainability. They welcome cash and solar loans and give solar lease and power purchase agreements(PPA). The installation costs are high when compared to other solar providers and customer service differs by location.

3. Momentum Solar:

Momentum Solar Company offers you cost-efficient solar installation and comes with guaranteed services. It has the facility of a concierge and this single point of contact makes the after-installation services trouble-free. The company handles all the paperwork from design blueprints to tax credits. They cover a warranty of 25 years on panel parts and labor. They have cash, loan, lease, and PPA options. The limiting point of this solar service provider is their service locations. Hence, service locations are fewer when compared to other solar companies.

4. Intermountain Wind and Solar:

Intermountain Wind and Solar is an experienced company that is committed to quality. They facilitate a wide range of brands in solar panels. The system cost is paid in cash or solar loans. No lease or PPA is accepted. They offer great financing options for solar systems in bulk purchases. After installation services are well-addressed. It has 10 years of warranty on the entire system and no long-term contract agreements.

5. Elevation:

Elevation Solar is one of the top ten solar companies in Nevada that has new Curb monitoring technology. This technology is patented and enables the customer to monitor the energy production and where it goes in their home. The installation and other permits were taken care of by the company once the deal was done. The warranty lies in workmanship and product defects. They have limited service areas and quality may vary by location. The financing choices are cash and solar loans.

6. Solar Optimum:

Solar Optimum company provides great deals on warranties. They provide a 25-year warranty on solar panels, inverters, racking, roof, workmanship, and performance. Financing options with credit checks and customized financing programs are available.  They offer solar loans, take cash payments, and lease the systems. Customer service is the best feature of this company.

7. Kota Energy Group:

This is one of the best solar companies in Nevada that has diversified financing options. Solar panels from installed by top-rated manufacturers. It provides 25 years of warranty workmanship and roof penetration. It is a juvenile company and more expensive than the other solar companies. Lease and PPA options are not available.

8. ADT Solar:

ADT Solar acquired Sun Pro and extended the good services on the reputation of Sun Pro. The superb benefit of this company is its 25-year warranty on the entire solar installation (panel, labor, performance). They do not compromise on quality and use leading manufacturers’ panels. Solar loans and cash options are available. Customer services and non-local solar providers are the limiting points of this company.

9. Blue Raven:

It is one of the top ten solar companies in Nevada that aims for affordable system prices and financing options for people so that everyone can enjoy the privilege of having solar energy. Fast and friendly customer service is the best feature of this solar company. They give 25 years of warranty on equipment and only 10 years on workmanship. A Limited selection of brands could be the primary concern of this company. There are plenty of financial options available from this company like traditional loans, Blue Power Plus, and the smart start program which gives 18 months with a low promotional amount and extends up to 42 months.

10. Sol up:

Sol Up has been a local solar provider and expert for 13 years. They have a wider selection of brands and are a little more expensive than others. 25-year warranty on the product but doesn’t provide workmanship coverage. They do not offer a performance warranty. No lease options are available.

Why Watt Bros Solar is considered one of the top solar companies in Nevada?

By reviewing the top ten solar companies in Nevada, ranking 2023, Watt Bros is the company that offers more efficient solar panels with outstanding customer services and warranties. Generally one can choose a solar company by considering the following factors:

·       Solar services: Solar system monitoring services that track the production of solar energy. Energy audits that identify any leakage points or areas of energy loss in the home. Also, need to consider whether the company provides the installation or outsources the installation agents(The services from the company are a better choice over the third-party services)

·       Warranties: Manufacture warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. The warranty will range from 10-25 years. Workmanship warranty that covers repair services ranges from/10-25 years. Few companies also offer a power production guarantee that makes the system work till that guarantee period.

·       Payment options: Cash payments or solar loans upfront can make a house owner eligible for solar incentives. Solar lease and power purchase agreements do not offer these benefits.

Select a company that fits the finance with good customer service warranties

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the top ten solar companies in Nevada?

Many solar companies in Nevada offer services and benefits to residents. It is not easy to decide which company is best and likely depends on a lot of other factors like the cost of installation warranties on equipment, workmanships, upfront credit checks, customer reviews, monitoring services, etc. The top 10 solar companies that provide services in Nevada are Watt Bros Solar, Sun Power, Momentum Solar, Intermountain Wind, and Solar, Elevation, Solar Optimum, Kota Energy Group, ADT Solar, Blue Raven, and sol up

What is the cost of solar panels in the top ten solar companies in Nevada?

The cost of solar panels in Nevada depends on the size of the house, energy needs, output of solar panels, and type of solar cells used shading, and hours of sunlight. However, the average cost according to market research, the cost will be ranging from 15k-25k US dollars.

Do solar panels add value to homes in Nevada?

Installing solar panels always increases the value of the home. As people are aware of the rising power bills, they choose solar homes over normal houses. Moreover, the solar owner is eligible for solar incentives. Always check the solar panel age before deciding to buy a home with solar energy. There is no exemption in property and sales tax for solar homes in Nevada, unlike the other states.

Is the transition to solar energy worth it in Nevada?

The abundant sunlight, electricity cost reduction, solar incentives, environmental benefits, and added value to homes make it worth converting people of Nevada to solar energy. Yet, one needs to assess the upfront cost, system maintenance, solar potential (like roof orientation, space availability, shading), financial considerations, energy consumption, etc.

Can we use solar to go off-grid in Nevada?

There aren’t any stringent laws that prevent you from going off-grid in Nevada. Residents change from conventional energy sources to solar energy due to modified solar policies with off grid

Do any of the top ten solar companies in Nevada provide Solar incentives?

Nevada offers several solar incentives and programs to encourage the adoption of solar energy. All companies including the top ten solar companies offer solar incentives. These incentives aim to make solar installations more affordable and attractive for homeowners, businesses, and public entities. Here are some notable solar incentives available in Nevada:

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC): While not specific to Nevada, the federal government offers a tax credit known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy systems. The ITC allows homeowners and businesses to deduct a portion of the cost of installing a solar panel system from their federal taxes

Net Energy Metering (NEM): Nevada has a net energy metering policy, which allows solar panel owners to receive credits for excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. These credits can offset the cost of electricity consumed during times when the solar panels are not producing enough power. The NEM program provides financial benefits to solar customers by reducing their overall electricity bills

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