Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Pensacola, Florida

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Security Guard Companies in Pensacola, Florida

The security guard companies in Pensacola, Florida are increasing enormously, and the reasons are startling.  According to FBI Statistics report that was released in 2022, the City of Pensacola in Florida saw 285 violent crimes and 2012 property crimes in 2018.  Over the next 10 years, FBI projected a total of 22,970 crimes that may potentially victimize the City of Pensacola, Florida.  The Federal Intelligence Bureau’s (FBI) recently published report shows a huge upsurge in crime against businesses.  In 2021, many businesses lost billions to crimes like robberies, thefts, and cyberattacks.

Getting a perfect security guard provider can be a challenging task.  The worldwide security market size is enormous and is expected to grow leaps and bounds by 2025 owing to the utilization of complicated security systems and the necessity for security services globally.  Due to their exemplary performance in their field, the major ones on top are security guard companies.  Security systems do offer many conveniences for their customers, such as protecting information records, keeping an eye on commercial and residential activities, to name a few, and protecting nation’s borders from conflicts and terrorist activities.

Global Market Statistics and Trends in Security Market

According to a research, (, global security market has reached more than $90 billion in the year 2020 and is expected to grow further 10.5% by the year 2023 to 2028 reaching around $165 billion by the year 2026.

Pensacola has some of the best security guard companies in Florida.  This post will give out facts and details on the best 10 security companies in Pensacola, Florida.

1.  Citizen’s Guard Security –

Citizen’s Guard Security Company in Pensacola, Florida ranks first among the top 10 that one would recommend to provide excellent services, which was founded by a former law enforcement and military veteran, Mr. Greg Miller, who is also the CEO and President of this company who began his career in military law enforcement in 1992 when he was recruited in the US Air Force and he attended Security Police Law Enforcement Academe at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.  Their mission is to provide high quality security and investigative services to their customers in order to protect their lives, liberty, and property.  Their armed security guard officers are trained in fire nomenclature, operation and range safety of firearms, shooting and reloading, and also to plan when they can use their arms.  They also specialize in CPR and first aid to help their clients in need.

Mr. Greg Miller

For all short-term or long-term needs of physical security, Citizen’s Guard Security is the perfect service provider for armed and unarmed security guards services in Pensacola, Florida. 

As a former law enforcement and military Veteran, Mr. Miller professes his knowledge, skills, and values into his professional security staff with a view to provide his clients with excellent customer service one deserves. 

Their core values are –

  • To provide exceptional services to their customers

As a security services company, they are dedicated to their profession and do focus on providing excellent services that their competitors cannot provide.  They conscientiously will make sure to avoid any untoward occurrences by providing hawk-eyed services to their customers.

  • Professional appearance and conducts –

Citizen Guard Security Services have their people dressed up to their job in proper uniforms to bring to fore their professionalism in their behavior and mannerisms.

  • Unity

Is the key term that brings out a systematic and methodical approach to this company.  All personnel work in a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal of a well-ordered working environment that brings the best in each one of them.

  • Licensed Officers –

All their officers are licensed by Pensacola County Police.  They are authorized to make arrests as and when they deem necessary.

  • Understanding of Law –

Every officer of the company is well versed with Florida criminal laws and have the necessary skills essential to safeguard their customers.

Technology in the Forefront of Citizen’s Security Guard Company in Pensacola, Florida

Technology is evolving fast, be it smart TV or smart kiosks, technology is playing an important role in daily lives.  Security guard services is no exception to this trend.  Many top players in the field are utilizing automated equipment with cutting edge technology on the job to make their jobs perfect.  Citizen’s Guard Security takes pride in using technology to make their services suitable and reachable to one and all.

Types of Security Guards

They have different guards for different needs.  Some of them are given below.

  • Unarmed Security Guard – These are guards who are unarmed and only assigned the job of being cautious on the job and observe and report any questionable behavior.  They are best suited to be light on pocket or for budget services.

  • Armed Security Officer – They are professionally trained and are licensed to be armed.  They are professionally trained and have proven track record.
  • Off Duty Officer – These officers have the authority to make arrests in case of unruly behavior.  They are Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) who are either active or retired police officers and have been trained for the job.
  • Site Security Supervisor – They are on-site supervisors.  Multiple guards are used to supervise security on premises and they work in best coordination with each other.
  • Site Security Manager – Manager supervises and inspects overall performance of the team and is given the job of understanding the specific needs of their clients and provide them with personnel to fit the description.

Citizen’s Guard’s Range of Services

The company provides their services for broad range of communities and customers.  A few to mention are;

  • Retail Security
  • Construction Sites
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Event Security
  • Short Term Service
  • Point of Entry
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Long Term Security
  • Facility Checks
  • Fire-watch
  • Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Citizen’s Guard Security services are available in different parts of the country

Good news is that their services are available not just in Pensacola but in other parts of the country, like in Kansas City, Indianapolis, in St. Louis, as well as in Panama City in Florida.

FAQs –

1. Which is the best security guard company in Pensacola, Florida?

Citizen’s Guard company is a security guard company in Pensacola, Florida that is the best in their category.  They have been in the market for 10 years.  It is led by Mr. Greg Miller, who is greatly experienced in his job, and had worked in police department for many years before founding this company.

2. Do the security guard companies in Pensacola, Florida, offer range of services?

Many companies in Pensacola offers range of services, and Citizen’s Guard is on par with those companies.

Do they have 24/7 services?

They have 24/7 on-call dispatch available.

What type of security guards are available in Citizen’s Guard company?

There are many types of guards available in Citizen’s Guard according to the needs of clients, such as unarmed and armed security officers, mobile patrol officers, and site security supervisor/manager.

Are their employees trained to use arms?

Yes, Citizen’s Guard professionals are very well trained and licensed to use arms if necessary.

How do they charge their rates?

They charge on hourly basis for their guard services depending on the type of work involved, risks involved, skill level, and the equipment needed for the coverage.

How do I choose a good security guard?

Know your requirements, do a background check and reputation of the company, check for training and certification for the best company, verify licensing and accreditation, read references and recommendations, and focus on reliability.

What is the difference between a security guard and a security officer?

Security guards are below security officers in rank.  They normally work under offices and collaborate with security officers to ensure smooth functioning.  A security officer oversees the entire group of security guards.  They frequently issue orders and supervise the security guard’s activities.

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Citizen’s Guard Security – Citizen’s Investigation, LLC, 100 S 4th St Suite 550 Saint Louis Missouri 63102

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Work for Citizen’s Guard Security Company –

There is abundance employment opportunities one can benefit from working in this company in Pensacola, Florida.  It would give immense satisfaction working as security guard/officer safeguarding the interests of one’s clients.  Click on the link below to apply for jobs.

Directions to Citizens Guard Security,+Pensacola,+FL+32502/@30.415132,-87.2176936,17z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x8890c0af1ee791f5:0x5f187cc4d78a393a!2m2!1d-87.2155049!2d30.415132

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Feedback –

They have been getting consistently superior feedback from their clients.

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2.  Alert Patrol Security Guards & Protection Services –

Alert Patrol Security Guard and Protection Services does offer professional armed and unarmed guards for all your needs, whether it be offices or residences.  They have licensed guards and security officers with sophisticated technology to give wide coverage to their clients.  They are in the business since 2004.  They are based in all states of United States.  They also offer training if one is interested in a career in Security industry.  They offer a wide variety of services which includes parking lot guards, shopping mall guards, front desk security guards, armed security patrol guards, private party security, gated community security, wedding security, campus security guard, office security, armed transport security, empty property protection, and factory guard.

3.  American Paratus Security Agency –

American Paratus Security Agency has the expertise to meet the security needs of locals in Pensacola.  Their expert security service claims to add safety to corporate facilities, business, homes, construction sites, and other communities.  Their guards and officers have extensive knowledge on state laws and are trained to combat any criminal activities they encounter.  It is a family operated agency.  If offers personalized services to its customers and direct contact with management that adds a personal touch to its services.  They are committed in providing professional and responsive security service through an enterprising and dynamic relationship with their clients.  They offer fully uniformed attire to their on-site security guards and officers for all types of businesses.  Each and every case is handled with trust and an open line of communication in an economical and efficient manner.

4.  Triton Protection Group LLC

Their mantra is to protect and serve, never unprepared.  This group is a local, minority owned security firm that was founded in 2021.  They specialize in a broad range of security services depending on the needs of their customers.  Their business is certified to offer range of services including unarmed guards, armed guards, guards for hotels or resorts, for apartments or residential properties, commercial properties, and also mobile patrolling services.

5.  Signal of Pensacola –

Signal of Pensacola, Florida, offers industry leading security services that are tailored to your needs and take pride in their worldclass technology to offer the best guard services in the area.  They can provide dedicated guards for 24/7/365.  They boast of offering most critical security servicing needs in the area with custom security solutions.  Apart from these, they have food defense security service, industrial security services, commercial security services, facilities lockup security, and access control security.

6.  G4S Secure Solutions USA–

With calculated and planned security services, G4S Secure Solutions aims to establish long-term customer relationship not in Pensacola, Florida, but around the world.  They have extensive range of security systems and products that can help businesses and residences stay protected.  They have specialized risk consultants who have deep knowledge and experience in delivering risk management services to their customers.  They offer free, online security risk assessment to better understand the needs of their client organizations.  They have a broad network of security guarding professionals who aim to protect their local communities and customers all around the world.

7.  Dynamic Security Inc-Pensacola

Dynamic Security Inc has been in security industry for quite some time, they say since 1940.  They have been providing the best quality of services for a wide range of customers.  Their services are tailor made to fit the needs of individual customers.  They maintain highly trained security officers who are reliable and quick in their response.  Their officers are extensively trained, screened, and investigated before allotting them to their clients.  Dynamic offers guards who are well versed in drug screening, background screening, and also facility staffing.

8.  Securitas Security Services USA

Securitas USA is the most locally focused company with around 80,000 plus employees.  They have services spread across USA and each branch supports the local region.  Securitas’ core values are integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness.  They have guarding security, electronic security, fire and safety security, and risk management solutions.  They have on-site security officers who they say are the foundation of their organization.  They are highly screened and trained in professionalism and specialized for their assignment to offer safety services to their clients or property.  Their security services include patrol and inspection services, alarm and emergency response, safety equipment checks, special events security, employee and visitor badging and identification, reception/concierge duties, and site-specific security tasks.

9.  Allied Universal

Allied Universal offers professional security officers on-site to handle all security and patrolling needs.  They deliver tailored solutions to all their clients that includes cutting-edge technology.  They have an extensive network of officers to support local communities and customers.  They have advanced security services and solutions that promises to have fruitful partnership between their employees and clients.  Their vast security services of risk management that is industry specific allow their clients to be at peace and focus on their business.  Their physical security needs are provided at the site by local account management, which is backed by the support of a branch office in Pensacola, Florida along with an established national organization that uses practices that are in hiring, training, and customer service with quality assurance.

10.  St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. –

St. Moritz Security Services is a professional security guard service in Pensacola, Florida that caters to commercial, healthcare, and elite residential properties.  They are known for their exceptional staff dedication, their expertise in training, and utilization of quality tools with an intent to completely focus on customer service.  They offer armed and unarmed guards, ATM escort services, class-A commercial security, distribution and logistics security, educational facility security, emergency response team, healthcare security, retail security, mobile patrols, residential security, and more.

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