Top 7 Photographers in Boca Raton Florida

Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real” – Ansel Adams

Photographers view things differently than the rest of us. They see not only how the world looks but how it could look. This single minded commitment comes out brilliantly in photos which all of us appreciate.

 Boca Raton is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida which has miles of white sandy beaches, glistening blue water, luxury resorts. A perfect place for a photoshoot. So here is a list of

Best 7 Photographers in Boca Raton, Florida.

Gina Fontana

  Gina is a professional photographer, videographer  with a diverse background that started in photojournalism. She has supplied images for stock photography agencies. She also enjoys working with individual clients to show off her own personal style. A brilliant mind in photography she is also a videographer offering corporate, commercial portrait, lifestyle, product and event photography.

She developed her own style of portrait photography which is glamorous, joyful and exuberant. She focuses on the narrative behind each photo and has photographed on assignments in more than 250 plus events. Her portrait photos look like a fairy-tale book with perfect studio lights to get the desired effects.She turns models into fantasy figures, often borrowing from fairytales, historical stories and classic paintings to bring her photographic vision to life.

Corporate photography is an important part for any business houses and a good photograph is the key by creating a specific identity for their company and its employees, where she uncovers the initial form of your brand, product, mission and vision. It’s a collaborative process where she gains knowledge about the why, how  behind your story, the goals for your production and the issues your organization may be trying to focus on.

Commercial photography used with the purpose of creating visuals to market and promote products. She focuses on finding the smaller details and creating stories for brands and people. Her high points are on products such as drinks, food items, cosmetics, and luxury accessories.

Her wedding portraits stick out for creativity. She has a talent for taking pre-wedding photos around Boca Raton. With the beautiful nature, glistening beaches as a background, the stage is set for an incredible set of photographs. Her skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photographs in the years to come.

 Her fantastic aerial shots and the use of drones are perfect 10 for any product launches, portraits, company branding or a dream wedding. Her photos remind us of how the simplicity of objects or people can become, in their own way, beautiful masterpieces.


        She specializes in newborn          photography sessions for over 10 years to preserve the priceless memories for you and your family.Her photographs capture genuinely natural moments.

       Rhea Lewis

         She is one of the best photographers for Boudoir photography which sensual and elegant in style. Her boudoir sessions are as simple or extravagant as you can imagine, to capture the best you with her light and shadow. It’s time to let your inner radiance shine.


  He is famous for clicking a wide variety of potraits of children, family and businesses. His tales are fascinating and his photos depict some real emotions. The skill and art that he demonstrates in his shots, make Lloyd an absolutely brilliant portrait photographer in Boca Raton.

       Andrea Blakisberg

  She specializes in boudoir and family photography. She creates magical images rather than snapshots.She loves to capture the unique and intimate beauty of every woman she photographs.She aims to encourage women to embrace their stories and learn to own them. 

      Alissa De Lucca

She specializes in newborn, maternity and family portraits. She shows maternity as something light and tender. She focuses on connection and tries to capture special moments that will be remembered forever.

      Brenda Ross

She is famous in family, portraits, models, newborns, schools and landscapes. Her famous head shots in photography are worth a look. 


To  sum up, these are the 7 best  photographers in Boca Raton. They not only showcase the nature of their clients but also shape the very essence of photography as an art form. Their pictures extend across genres, styles and diverse groups of people leaving behind a lasting legacy that continues to inspire both photographers and enthusiasts. Through their camera, they provide us with a glimpse into experiences.


How much do the best 7 Photographers cost in Boca Raton?

On avg, a 1 hour wedding shoot will cost 730 dollars and a 4 hour shoot will cost 2045 dollars.

How do I find the best Photographers in Boca Raton?

Using to find a photographer or a photo studio.

How to fly to Boca Raton?

The City of Boca Raton is conveniently located in between two major airports, Palm Beach County International Airport and Ft. Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport.

What types of car rentals can I find at Boca Raton airport?

At Boca Raton, you will  find a wide variety of BCT airport car rentals to suit every type of journey. From compact cars for solo travelers or couples to spacious SUVs for families, and even luxury vehicles for a special experience. You will also find BCT airport rentals like convertibles to enjoy some open-air driving, or vans for larger groups or extra luggage. All BCT airport cars come with their own set of features and benefits, so you can find the solution that best meets your needs.

Why is Boca Raton a Photographers paradise?

With miles of white sandy beaches, glistening blue water and scenic art galleries, it is no doubt a photography paradise.

Does Boca Raton have Uber?

You can request a ride on any day and at any time with Uber in Boca Raton.

Does Boca Raton have luxury properties?

Yes,there are umpteen luxury resorts in Boca Raton- The Boca Raton, The Boca Raton Beach club, The Boca Raton Cloister, The Boca Raton Tower to name a few.

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