Top 7 Kitchen Remodelling Contractors in Redwood City, CA.

Top 7 Kitchen Remodelling Contractors in Redwood City, CA.

Introduction –

Home is the most essential part of a human life and the kitchen is the heart of a home and to transform it into a new space with a modern look, is like giving our home an opportunity to breathe again with a new life. 

                    When we think of kitchen remodelling contractors, only the best will come into our mind. This blog will help you to find the best solution for all your problems- Don’t be weary when we can make your life comfy. Here are the 7 best kitchen remodelling contractors in Redwood City, CA. based on their excellent service, outstanding performance, matchless quality of products, unimaginable innovative techniques and commitment to complete the kitchen remodelling on time.

Top 7 Kitchen Remodelling Contractors in Redwood City, CA .

1.Danz Construction – Danz construction isone of the best in the kitchen remodelling contractors in Redwood City CA. With the motto of Elevating homes & Enriching lives they are transforming houses into dream homes. Danz construction is known for its design, construction quality and it’s innovative interior techniques, whether it is about renovating a single room or a complete transformation of your home or a kitchen’s renovation, Danz construction has the best kitchen interior and the best kitchen designs.

Why Danz Construction is the best kitchen remodelling contractors –

  1. Best design and affordable interior- Specialization in best design and cost effective interior they have a tailored approach for each design and detailed analysis of architectural nuances.
  1. Well equipped technology They give priority to their technology for safety. For kitchen remodelling they use the highest standard in technology and they employ cutting edge equipment for this.
  1. Problem solving approach – Danz construction has the best solution for the cost effective problems. They take the challenges and solve them with innovative kitchen ideas . This makes Danz the best kitchen remodelling constructor.
  1. Extraordinary designs- Danz Construction can create a luxurious and functional kitchen that can compliment your taste and can enhance your personality. Not only it will make your kitchen more presentable but also its innovative designs and its best kitchen interiors will give you more space in less places.
  1. Safety is priority – Danz construction matches it’s parameters with the highest safety standards. They didn’t compromise with the safety of the family well being, which makes it the best kitchen remodelling contractors.
  1. Effective and timely delivery- It is the promise of Danz Construction to complete their project on a given schedule and on the client’s limited budget. It is known for their excellent performance in the best kitchen remodelling and best kitchen interiors completion on time.
  1. Budget friendly and energy saving equipment- As their given commitments, Danz Construction always gives the top quality products within the client’s budget and it gives satisfactory results to the clients. They use energy saving or energy renewable sources, so that it will not affect the client’s pocket. They try to use equipments which works on energy like- solar energy, and this enhances the idea of energy saving.

Why to choose Danz Construction –

It is a well known name in the field of home remodelling or renovation. They have expertise in kitchen interior and they have the best kitchen designs. They are not only expert in the best kitchen remodelling but also they have expertise in – bathroom, room additions and garage conversions. Danz Construction can transform a place like a garage into a beautiful living space. And it is possible without a mojar construction. They create everything according to the client’s taste and feeling. They’re able to enhance the ambience of your living space. They provide you a luxury living and can transform your home with their unique ideas. They will convert your home to a place where you would always want to return to.


2. Unique Home Design and Remodelling- 

Unique Home Design and Remodelling provides eco-friendly solutions for home remodelling. They renovate the home with energy saving ideas like- solar panels, energy efficient products and synthetic grass. They have expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodelling with the help of green and sustainable practices with a touch of modern and innovative designs.

3. L B Construction & Remodelling-

 L B Construction & Remodelling provides top quality construction at an affordable price. They can help and guide their clients to achieve their goal to construct or renovate their dream home which they always dreamt of. This company is specialised in doing kitchen, bathroom and additions. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all projects from building to designing.

4. Xpress kitchen and Bath corporation – 

  Xpress kitchen and Bath corporation offers full professional kitchen remodelling and promises for the best kitchen interiors and designs. Their goal is to construct and deliver an innovative interior at a rapid speed. This company prides itself on reliability and satisfactory customer’s service. Because of its high quality workmanship that will last. They have always something new to present to the clients with speedy and quality installation.

5. QPO Redwood City Home Remodelling- 

  QPO Redwood City Home Remodelling is specialised in James Hardie siding, Replacement of windows, Deck builder, Vinyl siding. They have mastery over transforming the look of a home with high quality materials. It’s long lasting, durable materials with a touch of attractiveness fulfill each and every aspect of everyone’s imagination.

6. Rodi Construction Inc. –

    Rodi Construction vows to provide their clients the best kitchen remodelling solution. They provide design, which suits their lifestyle and budget . They provide easily accessible facilities to their clients. As their team is always ready to provide the design to the door steps of their clients. They have good no. of hardworking architects, designers, excellent carpenters and finishers. They can transform their client’s ideas and vision and convert it into a finished beautiful artwork. They provide everything at affordable and fair prices.

7. Elite General Construction- 

    Elite General Construction, is a leading name in the industry. It is an epitome of high quality craftsmanship, more focused on detailed designing and eager to satisfy their clients’ needs. They have all the specialisation in construction services from general to specialised construction. As it is a family operated business with a legacy of excellence passed through generations. They offer a unique blend of modern techniques and traditional values. These attracts their clients to get a home on the pillars of innovation and tradition.


There are so many kitchen remodelling contractors in Redwood City CA. But as a result among all Danz Contractors is the best contractors. It is because of their quality, and satisfactory services for completion of projects on time. Danz Contractors is the best kitchen remodelling contractor in Redwood City, CA. It is known for its several years of experience, outstanding reputation and expertise in all kinds of construction. And for furthermore information about converting your dream into reality, contact

Frequently Asked Questions – 

Q- How much does a new kitchen cost in California?

A- An average kitchen renovation in California costs between $ 12 k to $60 k . It depends on the budget of the people. But it can be as low as that can be done for $ 27 k . Whereas a large luxury kitchen can cost $100k.

Q- What is a good size for a kitchen?

A- It depends on the size of the house. According NKBA-   A single storey family home has an average kitchen size of 151 square feet. Same as multi storey has an average size of 174 square feet kitchen.

Q- How many years should a kitchen last?

A- On average a kitchen’s minimum life span is between 10-15 years. So it depends on the quality of the materials used during the construction.

Q- What to consider before remodelling your kitchen?

A- There are some important designs which we should consider before kitchen remodelling, like –

  1. Do some research, search some renovation stores and kitchen showrooms. Choose the items that suit your budget, fit to your needs and wants.
  2. Plan according to your budget.
  3. Make a layout for your kitchen.
  4. Choose the proper material for the countertop.

Q- What is the most expensive part used in the kitchen?

A- Among all parts of the kitchen, kitchen cabinets are the costliest part of a kitchen renovation.

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