Top 5 reasons to learn Content Writing

Are you a new brand about to enter the competitive landscape of the business world out there? Are you someone with a flair for writing who is seeking a full time or part time online job, writing content for varied businesses? If your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘YES’, then it is time you consider doing a course to learn content writing from ECT, the only training organization recognized by the Government of India.

Why learn Content Writing?

It is a must to learn content writing for a business owner in today’s cut throat environment because it is one of the most important pillars in marketing any business digitally. These days a new brand tries to grab the customer’s attention and mind space almost every week if not every day or every hour and this is where to learn how to write content becomes almost necessary! We believe that content writing is one of the most important tools for your business in its Digital Marketing Strategy.

Importance of Content Writing for your “Brand

For a brand trying to make its mark in the digital space, content writing is essential for the following reasons:

  1. If the content is appealing it will create brand awareness with your target audience at a quick pace.
  2. By posting content regularly about your industry, sharing trends and news, you form a connection with the reader. Content writing helps you to let people know about your business and how you can help them.
  3. Written content helps in Search Engine Optimization boosting your brand’s Google ranking.
  4. People always love sharing good content. All you need to do is to ensure you are reaching your target audience. An interesting blog written with the right technique always grabs attention and helps increase online traffic to your site.
  5. The good content helps improve your SERP[Search Engine Result Pages] rankings by ensuring that your link gets shared on other websites. You can present your ideas in various forms and gain visibility on multiple platforms.

At ECT, we believe, that starting a business today needs more than just a good idea. Entrepreneurs need to stand out amongst their competitors. One of the most crucial things any company, which wants to make its mark today, needs to do is create engaging, focused and relevant content. Such a content will help appraise your website visitor of:

  • your company’s vision;
  •  its objectives and goals;
  •  details of your company’s products and services;
  •  its operational aspect;
  •  the owners of the business and their credentials

Importance of Content Writing course for you as a “Professional Content Writer

If you are someone who wants to carve a future as a full fledged Content Writer, ECT helps you monetize your content writing capabilities to the fullest. If you learn content writing at ECT, you are provided with the following:

– personalized attention and feedback;

– placement assistance;

– internship opportunities;

– live and interactive online and offline sessions;

– a Govt. recognized Advanced Content Writing Certification

– a life time support

Here at ECT you will learn the skills required to be a great content writer through engaging in:

  • 3 months course
  • 32 hours of Classroom/Live Training and 50 hours of eLearning and useful Videos;
  • 7 Assignments;
  • 5 Live Projects;
  • 10 Quizzes;

So enroll in ECT’s Advance Content Writing Course and let ECT handhold you through this exciting new journey. Join ECT’s content writing course today and emerge winners tomorrow.


Q.1 Why do I need quality content writing for my website?

Ans. The only thing that keeps a person on a website for sometime is your content, what you have written on the website otherwise your website is just one of the tabs. Therefore its vital to have useful and engrossing content for your website.

Q.2 Is content writing a difficult job?

Ans. Content writing is a challenging but rewarding field. It is not a difficult job if you like to write, enjoy doing research and have it in you to meet dead lines.

Q.3 Why should I choose ECT to learn content writing?

Ans. ECT is the best Institute to learn content writing because:

  • They are the only Institute recognized by The Government of India;
  • They offer personalized attention & feedback;
  • They offer internship opportunity;
  • They offer live and interactive sessions;
  • They offer placement assistance and lifetime support

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