Top 3 exorcists in Arizona

Arizona, a state known for its rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and mystical legends, is also home to a select group of individuals with extraordinary abilities. These individuals, known as exorcists, possess the unique talent to confront and banish malevolent spirits and dark entities that roam the spiritual realm. In this blog, we delve into the mysterious world of Arizona’s top three exorcists, their remarkable stories, and their tireless efforts in protecting the community from supernatural threats.

1.The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ: Deliverance

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ was founded in 2014 by Rev. Don Jeffrey. Bringing spiritual freedom through exorcism/deliverance. Rev. Don, A seminary graduate from the Christian Leaders Institute.

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is Rev. Don’s own Ministry and is a 501c-3 charity.
All donations are tax deductible
Many people feel that they are alone in their demonic battle. Some believe it could not be evil spirits interfering in their lives because they are a Christian and Christians cannot have demons. This is so far from the truth and it pains them more so.
A non-Christian can be possessed by an evil spirit, but a Christian cannot. However, a Christian can be infected by evil spirits.
(Demons & Fallen Angels)

Because one has led a sinful life before becoming born again does not mean the evil spirits magically leave the body. They are still there and must be removed. Rev. Don specializes in the following fields of ministry that most Churches/Ministers usually never acknowledge.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Unemployment / Cannot hold down a job.
Sleep Paralysis
Evil Dreams
Thoughts of suicide.
Speaking in another’s Voice
Knowledge of a foreign language(s)
Speaking in demonic tongues.
Cutting one’s self / Doing harm to self.
Addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex / Masturbation
Spiritual Rape / Molestation.
Awaking most nights between 3 AM – 3:15 AM
Scratch marks appearing on your body.
Voices in your head that are speaking to you.
Traveling Pain / Pain for no reason.
Constantly changing your mind.
A family history of head injuries due to Freemasonry in the bloodline.
Suffering from past Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Disassociated Identity Disorder.

 Exorcism is the religious practice of expelling evil spirits from a person, place or thing that is believed to be infected or possessed by evil spirits.The term “Exorcist and Exorcism” can be found in Hebrew texts written hundreds if not thousands of years before Christ.

Many believe that only a Roman Catholic Priest can perform an exorcism. But this is far from the truth since the Jewish priests were performing it way before the thought of a Roman Catholic Church had even existed

About Rev. Don Jeffrey

He is a seminary graduate from the Christian Leaders Institute. He grew up in New Jersey and has learnt martial arts, and is a former PADI Certified Rescue Diver. He also has worked with the New Jersey Police Department and also as a detective. After retiring from the job, he moved to Arizona where he served as a member in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office “Cold Case Posse,” Joseph Arpaio, Sheriff where he worked directly with Commander Michael Zulu in the background investigation of Barack Hussein Obama. This eventually led him through five states and as a guest on two radio shows about the investigation.

This eventually led him through five states and as a guest on two radio shows about the investigation. During that time, he interviewed several private investigators who had been looking into the President’s background. Several of these investigators would always have trouble with their computers in the middle of their investigation. Rev. Don also began having problems. One investigator suggested that he pray prior to starting the investigation each day. Rev. Don found it worked! This was Rev. Don’s first encounter with “Spiritual Warfare.”

After Rev. Don Jeffrey and his wife had full immersion Baptism, and over the next three weeks, Rev. Don felt the overcoming of the holy spirit in him and felt the calling for exorcism ministry. He then earned his Diploma of Ministry from the Christian Leaders Institute and then Advanced Ministry where he received a full Ordination. During this time, he was also accepted under the tutelage of a deliverance minister, the late Rev. Peter Whiffing, where he received his training. Later, he got trained under Dr. Bob Larson, and eventually established The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ.

 He was promoted as Bishop in the ministry after he was asked to Ordain deacons on behalf of Christian Leaders Institute, and then to the grade of Archbishop. Rev. Don fought crime most of his life, and now, he fights demons and fallen angels! Rev. Don has done more than 1000 exorcisms in Arizona, which involves deliverance of evil spirits, healing the sick, restoring vision, and so on. He has graduated from Advanced Academy of Exorcism, which is a postgraduate exorcism school under Rev. Bob Larson. He is one of the very few Non-Roman Catholic certified exorcists in the world. It is to be noted that Rev. Don does not take any unsolicited Skype calls or texts nor does he ship anything outside of the USA.

2.Father Gabriel Sanchez – A Guardian of Faith:

Father Gabriel Sanchez, a Catholic priest, has dedicated his life to the spiritual well-being of the community in Phoenix, Arizona. Known for his unwavering faith and immense knowledge of religious texts, Father Sanchez is renowned as one of the most skilled exorcists in the state.

Having undergone rigorous training within the church, Father Sanchez possesses a deep understanding of ancient rituals and prayers necessary for conducting successful exorcisms. His compassionate nature and empathetic approach make him a pillar of support for individuals affected by demonic possession or spiritual disturbances. Father Sanchez’s unwavering determination to confront the forces of evil has made him a trusted figure within the community.

3.Shaman Elena Blackwood – Channelling Ancient Energies:

Shaman Elena Blackwood, an indigenous healer and spiritual practitioner, brings a unique perspective to the realm of exorcism. Hailing from the Navajo Nation, her connection with nature and her ancestors gives her a deep understanding of the supernatural forces that permeate the land.

Drawing upon ancient rituals and traditions passed down through generations, Shaman Blackwood harnesses the power of herbs, crystals, and spiritual chants to create a protective barrier against malevolent spirits. Her holistic approach to exorcism incorporates not only the banishment of dark entities but also the healing of the affected individuals. Her gentle yet potent methods have made her a respected figure among both the indigenous community and the wider population of Arizona.


Arizona’s top three exorcists exemplify the diverse methods and perspectives within the realm of spiritual warfare. Father Gabriel Sanchez, Shaman Elena Blackwood, and Dr. Jonathan Reed, each armed with their unique set of skills, work tirelessly to protect the community from supernatural threats.

While their approaches may differ, these exorcists share a common goal: to restore peace, balance, and spiritual well-being to those affected by malevolent forces. Through their unwavering faith, ancient traditions, and scientific investigations, they stand as beacons of hope in the face of the unknown.

As Arizona continues to be a hotspot for spiritual encounters and unexplained phenomena, the presence of these remarkable individuals reminds us that, even in the battle against darkness, there are forces dedicated to safeguarding the light.


1.What is exorcism?

Exorcism is a religious or spiritual practice aimed at removing or casting out evil spirits, demons, or other malevolent entities from a person, place, or object believed to be possessed or influenced by them.

2.Who performs exorcisms?

Exorcisms are typically performed by religious or spiritual practitioners who have been authorized or trained in the specific rituals and prayers associated with the practice. This can include priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, shamans, or other individuals with expertise in spiritual warfare.

3. what is the most powerful prayer in exorcism?

be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the evil; May God Rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, o Prince of heavenly host. Amen

4. Can exorcism be performed on the victims of all religions?

yes. however, each religion has its own priest and practices of exorcism.

5. What are the signs of demonic possession?

Signs of demonic possession can vary, but commonly reported symptoms include radical personality changes, unexplained aggression, or violence, speaking in languages unknown to the person, supernatural strength, aversion to sacred objects or places, and the ability to predict or know things that the person should not be aware of.

6.Can exorcism be successful?

Success rates of exorcism can vary depending on individual beliefs and circumstances. Some people report significant improvements or complete relief from their afflictions after undergoing an exorcism, while others may experience limited or no change. It is essential to approach exorcism with a balanced perspective, considering both the spiritual and psychological aspects of the situation.

7. Can a holy thread or a cross be worn during exorcism?

A cross definitely serves the best during exorcisms, or during any inevitable situation of demonic presence to keep the evil at bay. The Priest concerned with exorcism can give some holy water or objects pertaining to the practise.

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