Top 3 Exorcists in Arizona

Arizona is well known for its exorcism techniques. Evil spirits can possess people because of their activities. They always need exorcists for protection from evil and to gain peace. Exorcism is the method used for gaining inner peace. So let us look at why Forgotten Ministry is excellent in this field. Rev Don is one of the Best exorcists in Arizona.

Best exorcists in Arizona

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ: Deliverance

Are you facing issues like:

Hearing unnecessary noises in your head

Have an issue with lack of sleep

Then The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is the best exorcist in Arizona to look for. 

Rev. Don is the exorcist who will be available to you for the deliverance. He has answers to all your questions relating to these issues. If you are facing issues like constant fear, incidents of repeated failure, and unstable and temporary jobs, he is the one for you. Clients can improve their mental health a lot with his methods. He can solve personal issues like lust, confusion, sleep paralysis, evil dreams, suicidal thoughts, speaking in different voices, sudden urge to speak foreign languages, speaking in demonic tongues, and self-harm. Rev Don is best known for his exorcism works. Rev Don pays close attention to providing personalized service and ensuring that his clients are satisfied, which sets his delivery technique apart. Your privacy will always be valued in the Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ. 

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ helpline can help you overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, and more. Sometimes we may have issues from the trauma caused by the physical abuse faced in the past. You can recover from all of them by visiting Rev. Don and correctly practicing the techniques suggested by him. His prayers are so powerful that you may never have to worry about unnecessary thoughts in the future.

Some of you may have uneven sleep and may be repeatedly wakening up between 3 AM – 3:15 AM. In order to have calmer and deeper sleep, his services are by far the best in Arizona.

Clients can easily find solutions for various issues like scratch marks, voices in the head, unexplained pain, indecisiveness, history of head injuries due to Freemasonry, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and disassociated Identity Disorder.

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is owned by Rev. Don. It comes under the category of  501c-3 charity. All donations are tax-deductible. If you care about victims in society, you can donate to help those who are struggling financially.

Why Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is the best exorcist in Arizona?

Quality Service

The best ones in exorcism just don’t get appreciated for handling just some issues with the clients. Their strength always lies in the complete process of recovery and the peace level clients achieve. The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ ensures it. That’s why it has become the best exorcist in Arizona. You can read satisfied customer reviews here:

Cheap Rate

Rev. Don believes in providing services for humanity. Therefore, the service charge is severely low compared to the market level. Starting with only $100. 


You can access him through email. He will be replying to your emails within 24 hours.

Experienced expert

Rev Don gained his education from the Christian Leaders Institute. He is well-versed in martial arts. He has also had experience in the New Jersey Police Department. With his expertise, Rev Don can easily solve any issue faced by his clients. He is one of the few Non-Roman Catholic certified exorcists in the world.

He has always fought against crime throughout his life. Now he fights with the evil spirits. He has done deliverance over more than 1000 cases. That is the reason why he has become the Best exorcist in Arizona.


Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ ensures 100% confidentiality of your details. It will not be breached in any case. 

 Rev Don can be reached at


Website –

Address (Mailing Address only):

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ

13794 West Waddell Road, Suite 203-183

Surprise, AZ 85379

Fr. Joseph Philip’s St Mary Centre

Fr Joseph Philip focuses mainly on Dissociative Identity Disorder, Ancestral issues, and Witchcraft. He is a qualified priest from Catholic Seminary. His deliverance services are charged starting from $700. Deliverance services are available on Fridays and Saturdays. Exorcism sessions with the cleansing of the house will attract additional charges. A relative, friend, or colleague should compulsorily accompany the clients. Deliverance services will not be available through virtual tools.

Rev. Job Thomas’s Exorcism Centre

His main area of expertise is evil dreams. If you are constantly having bad dreams, his Centre for Deliverance will take care of you. His deliverance services are charged starting from $1000. Deliverance services will only be available in the Centre from 10 am to 2 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The services may be performed inside the center so that clients should be able to stay back for a few days at the place. He is from a traditional spirit healer’s family in North Arizona. They passed the deliverance techniques on for several centuries. 

Briefly, it can be concluded that all three of them are excellent in their own expertise. They are well sought to solutions for problems where science can’t find answers. So, if you are faced with all these demonic battles, what are you waiting for? You can find inner peace with the help of these best exorcists in Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is meant by exorcism or deliverance?

It means sending away evil spirits. In other words, it’s a protection against evil in the world.

  1. Who are the best exorcists in Arizona?

The best exorcists in Arizona are Rev Don, Fr. Joseph Philip, and Rev Job Thomas.

  1. Who performs exorcism?

It is usually a priest or a Bishop with expert knowledge about the power of evil.

4. How is deliverance performed?

Firstly, the reason for the possession of evils will be determined. It can be based on the places where the person has visited or practices that the client had followed. After identifying the sole reason, the priest or Bishop says a set of prayers. And they advise the clients to practice certain prayers the following days.

5. Is the deliverance performed with the consent of the receiver?

Yes. The performer always obtains the consent of the recipient before performing an exorcism. 

6. Are exorcisms performed the same way everywhere?

There will be slight differences in the methods used in deliverance according to cultural and regional differences. 

7. What are the problems usually faced by recipients in order to consult exorcists?

There is no definite list of issues. If you think you are facing issues based on evil spirits or supernatural powers, you can consult an exorcist.

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