Top 10 Solar Companies in Florida

Solar Energy is nature’s blessing to humanity. In many cultures, the Sun is worshiped as a God. Life as we know on Earth will cease to exist without energy from the Sun. In our fight against Climate Change, it is inevitable that Solar Energy will play a crucial role! Top solar company in Florida does exactly that.

More and more people are nowadays seeking the services of companies providing end to end solar energy services. You are here reading this blog, as you are one of those precious people that care about the environment and love it unconditionally. 

Your hunt to locate the top solar company in Florida ends today here.

Top Solar Company in Florida

Florida is world famous for its beach resorts and amusement parks due to its tropical and sunny climate. It is no surprise that this bright and sunny state with long summers is home to some of the best solar energy providers. 

Let us a take a look at the 10 top solar panel companies in Florida

  1. Watt Bros Solar, top solar company in Florida
  2. ADT Solar, safer and smarter home solutions
  3. Solar Ray, trailblazer of solar energy in Florida
  4. SunPower, operates own manufacturing facility
  5. Blue Raven Solar, leveraging its ownership by SunPower
  6. Trinity Solar, largest privately-held residential solar company in industry
  7. Goldin Solar, dedicated to Florida residents
  8. SunVena Solar, no sub-contracting and pass savings to customers
  9. Solar Source, a native Florida company with well trained installers
  10. Momentum Solar, concierge convenience to choose from wide range of options

Why is Watt Bros Solar the top solar company in Florida?

While looking at the above list, one can see that Watt Bros Solar stands tall as the top solar panel company in Florida. 

What are the key attributes that make the best solar company in Florida? Let us explore in depth

Energy bills will go down by 80%

Savings and Special Programs Offered By Watt Bros for qualifying customers are aimed to reduce energy bills from 60% to 80%. Customers need not pay for the first 12 months and there are no upfront credit checks. 

With support from the best solar company in Florida, customers can happily say ‘goodbye’ to exorbitant rates from their old energy provider and breathe easy.

Round the clock Customer Support

Watt Bros Solar pride themselves on their non-stop, round the clock customer support. Customer needs are indeed the first priority for the top solar panel company in Florida. Day and Night, their customer support team is available to answer any questions from customers as well as solve problems

Watt Bros Solar provide free quotations to interested customers any day of the week, any time.

45 Day Guarantee for Solar Installation

Watt Bros Solar understands that the last thing their customers want is a solar panel installation process that drags on for months together. That’s why Watt Bros Solar guarantee that the installation will be finished within 45 days of permitting from local authorities. 

With Watt Bros Solar, customer’s transition to solar power is quick and hassle-free. If it takes more than 45 days, they cover 6 months of the customer’s solar bill. Well, a deal like that makes Watt Bros Solar the best solar panel installation company in Florida.

Industry Standard 25 Years Warranty

Watt Bros Solar go to great lengths to make sure that their installation process is safe and secure. 

Being the best solar company in Florida, they want their customers to rest easy and relax in the unlikely event something goes sideways. Whether it is broken panels, energy production loss, or concerns with workmanship, they have got the customer covered through a warranty that is standard in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that Watt Bros Solar uses premium Tier 1 solar modules, which are the best in the bsuiness. Things like this show us why Watt Bros Solar is the top solar panel company in Florida.

An attractive $ 1,000 Referral Program 

Watt Bros Solar’s mission is to become a major player in moving the world towards adopting renewable energy. They aspire to help more people start using solar energy. They offer an attractive referral program to customers to refer a friend who would like to go Solar.

The referral process is very simple. Customer just needs to fill out their “Why go Solar / Get a Free quote” form. Watt Bros Solar will contact the interested person to take care of the rest of the process.

They offer $500 to customers for every referral that ends up in an installation. And, the referred friend gets to enjoy a $500 discount on a premium solar package. Sounds like ‘win-win’ for everyone! Well, that’s what the best solar company in Florida does to promote renewable energy usage.

A Reputation built on Happy and Satisfied Customers

Watt Bros Solar have been helping a lot of people all over the US make the transition to solar power. They have enabled many households to go solar, thus saving those families a lot of money. In return, Watt Bros Solar continue to gain and grow with a happy and satisfied customer base.

Watt Bros Solar team of experts have a combined experience of many years in the solar industry. They assure customers the best deal from the best solar panel installation company in Florida.

Multiple Locations Served in Florida

Being the top solar panel company in Florida, Watt Bros Solar serve areas such as Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Port St. Lucie, and Miami. They are also present in other states such as Arizona, Texas, South Carolina and operate nationally towards a clean and green future.

ADT Solar

ADT acquired Sunpro Solar in 2021 and renamed it ADT Solar. It is rated as one of the best solar panel companies in Florida. ADT’s uniqueness lies in the integration of solar technology with smart home systems, making it a top solar panel company in Florida. They offer a wholly integrated smart home enterprise combining home security, automation, and energy management.

Though ADT Solar have had complaints in the past in permitting and installation, they are one of the few companies that offer roof repair services to customers before start of installation.

Solar Ray

Solar Ray can be termed as the trailblazer of solar energy in Florida. They are committed to distinguished customer service and offer the best photovoltaic equipment at attractive pricing.

Though the company does not offer leasing options to customers, it can assist with financing the system.


SunPower offers solar, battery backup and EV charging facilities. They offer customers a mobile app for real time monitoring of the system. SunPower are popular for their most efficient solar panels, manufactured by their own company Maxeon Solar.

Though there have been instances of communication and maintenance issues, Sun Power offer flexible payment options and has presence in 50 states.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar continues to operate independently though owned by SunPower. Being a Sun Power company, they have gone from strength to strength in the journey to become one of the best solar panel companies in Florida. 

Blue Raven offers an energy production guarantee that their customers will save 10% – 30% from their earlier monthly utility bills

Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar is the largest family-owned solar company, perhaps in the industry! With a broad range of knowledge and skill sets, Trinity’s specialized teams are well-equipped to cover the energy needs of their customers.

Besides partnering with various community non-profit organizations, Trinity Solar offers flexible, $0-down financing options and leases to customers. Trinity’s Workmanship warranty however covers only five years where industry standard is 10+ years.

Goldin Solar

Known for their passion and dedication towards Florida residents, Goldin Solar are known to use solar energy products from industry heavyweights like Tesla (Powerwall backup system). It is noteworthy that Goldin Solar’s systems are designed to hold out against Florida’s hurricane-force winds of 175 mph.

They can direct customers to third party lenders for zero down payment financing options, however do not provide leasing options.

SunVena Solar

A relatively new company, in operations since 2019, SunVena Solar is on the path to become a top solar panel company in Florida. They have been successful in a short period due to high quality items at competitive pricing, coupled with transparency in sales.

A notable aspect of their business is no involvement of sub-contractors. The costs reduction is passed on as savings to customers! They have faced reports of installation issues in the past from customers.

Solar Source

A native Florida company, Solar Source trains its installation team through a rigorous 6 month training program to meet stringent standards. This provides best possible installation experience to customers.

Besides providing solar energy for homes, Solar Source also offers a variety of solar pool heaters and residential solar water heaters. While they can assist with financing the system, leasing option is not available.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar not only provides customers a variety of options to choose from, but also offers a single point contact concierge service for a delightful experience to the customer.

The company uses highly efficient solar panels and components sourced from its growing network of Tier 1 manufacturers. This approach will help them to become a top solar panel company in Florida. Do not expect charging installations for EVs from them.

Best Solar Company in Florida

Solar energy business is a highly competitive space in a sun kissed state like Florida. 

It takes a lot of effort, customer centric approach and importantly, a never ending passion for renewable energy to be the best solar panel installation company in Florida. Watt Bros Solar ticks these boxes.

Frequently Answered Questions

Which is the top solar company in Florida? 

While there are several good solar panel companies in Florida, Watt Bros Solar certainly ranks as the top solar company in Florida. 

Various factors such as industry experience, brand reputation, customer reviews, certifications, quality of components used, financing options, round the clock customer service, warranty, and maintenance services decide the top solar company in Florida.

How does the top solar company in Florida handle the solar panel installation process?

The goal of Watt Bros Solar, the top solar company in Florida is to make customer’s transition to solar energy as convenient and seamless as possible. This includes a well planned installation process. Once the local permitting is available, Watt Bros Solar make it a priority to complete the installation as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality of the work.

Solar panel companies in Florida do their homework at the customer’s location before the installation process. This ensures that the transition to solar power is quick and hassle-free.

Is solar panel installation considered as a good investment in Florida?

Yes. Solar panels are indeed a good investment in a tropical state like Florida. The state enjoys a lot of sunny days in a calendar year, not to mention its typically long summers. This ensures that a solar energy system can produce more electricity in Florida when compared to many other states in the US.

Further, consumers in Florida tend to experience relatively high residential electricity rates which makes switching to solar energy a wise investment decision.

Why solar energy, why solar panels?

It has not escaped the attention of many home and business owners in the US that costs to power a building have become steep. Increasing energy expenses month on month is now a matter of concern throughout the country. People who start using solar panels are pleasantly surprised to know how much money they are able to save on energy!

Solar panels function by utilizing the solar energy of the sun. Solar panels ensure that sunshine is taken full advantage of by converting the sun’s golden rays into ‘power’ for running home or business.

Is it expensive to install solar panels?

Initial investment can be a little on the higher side. However, a solar energy system will end up saving a lot more over its life. That said, factors such as size of the system, quality of components used, roof type, permit costs, financing options determine the installation cost. Most solar panel companies assist customers with financing or lease options.

It is recommended to compare quotes from 2 to 3 companies and make an informed decision.

What is the life of solar panel systems?

Solar panel systems are expected to last typically between 25 to 30 years. The quality of components used (no brainer!) and effective planned periodic maintenance mainly influence the life of the system. Industry standard warranty offered by solar panel companies in Florida is 25 years.

What are the common applications of solar energy?

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity by using solar panels. In terms of common applications, heating water, ventilation, lighting, and powering personal electronic devices can be done using solar energy

What can be done if there is excess solar energy generated from the system?

When the solar system generates surplus energy, the excess energy need not be wasted.

Net metering policies allow the surplus energy to be sent back to the Grid. Customers are paid for this extra energy! Conversely, if the system does not generate sufficient electricity by itself, customers can tap the energy from the grid by using up their credits built up from the excess energy transferred earlier.

What happens to the excess energy if a customer wants to go off-grid?

If a customer wishes to go off-grid, the surplus energy produced by the solar system can be stored in solar batteries and can be used later. Typically, lithium-ion batteries are preferred for storage.

How to contact the top solar company in Florida?

The top solar company in Florida, Watt Bros Solar can be contacted by calling their customer service numbers or filling an inquiry form on their website. 

Their 24/7 customer support team will swiftly get back to customer to provide required information and to help the customer with next steps towards installation.

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