Top 10 Jewish Dating Coaches, NYC

In this modern world, dating someone is too difficult and complicated. It instigates excessive self-doubt. Our minds get filled with several questions like who will be my ideal life partner, how do I get to know my partner better, how to grow trust in my partner and avoid any misunderstanding and so on. People often get confused if the person they are dating is an ideal choice, and this leads to trust issues, lack of mindful communication, arguments and ultimately the relationship to fall apart. Moreover the Jewish Culture is very orthodox. Hence, finding a perfect life companion is even complex. That’s where the Jewish Dating Coaches, NYC, come to rescue.

They guide people from the Jewish community to understand certain complicated factors in a relationship. They can help with reliable ideas and objectives, which can assure couples to have happy, healthy and peaceful relationships. Here in this article, you get to know about top 10 Jewish dating coaches in NYC.

Top 10 Jewish Dating Coaches, NYC – Say ‘No’ to Any Lovelife Confusions

1. Rabbi Dr Jack Cohen – A Leading Jewish Dating Coach, NYC

Dr Jack Cohen is a New York based dating and marriage expert. As a dating coach, he preaches ways and methods of avoiding certain mistakes to lead a happy and content married or dating life. 

According to the Jewish Holy Scripture ‘Torah’, the institution of marriage holds much value in their community. And being a disciple of Rabbi Avigdor Miller Z’L, his main focus is match making. Keeping in mind the religious values and beliefs, he resonates his knowledge to make people understand that good communication, mutual understanding and respect between two people are the key to maintain a harmonious and romantic companionship.

There are several videos of Dr Jack Cohen speaking about the formula to improve your marital and dating life, uploaded on YouTube. Apart from that you can directly book counseling sessions with him on his website, to analyze your love life better. 

Besides all this, Dr Jack Cohen also published several books on the subject of human relations, including dating techniques for singles and other strategies to nurture a joyful and satisfying love and married life. 

2. Aleeza Ben Shalom – The Jewish Matchmaker, NYC

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a Jewish Dating Coach residing in New York City. Her motto is to make people aware of certain tips and tricks to have a long-term and ideal relationship. One can also book a personal session with Shalom, to find solutions to their love life issues.

Her expertise on human relations is consistently showcased by various media platforms. Shalom also appears on several Jewish Matchmaking shows on Netflix, BBC World News and NPR.

3. Rachel Burnham – A guide to all your dating  confusions 

In the Jewish community, shidduch or Jewish arranged marriage is given more preference. But these days, arranged marriage has become more perplexing. But Rachel Burnham is an expert in shidduch unions. 

She has dated many men for the past 14 years. This gives her a huge experience and expertise regarding the entire Jewish dating culture and relationships. She is definitely a one-stop solution for all your dating life issues. 

4. Judith Gottesman – A Professional Jewish Dating Coach, NYC

Judith Gottesman is a specialized matchmaker and dating coach for Jewish singles, based in New York. She provides personalized sessions to help one deal with all their dating problems. 

5. Michelle Frankel – A Certified Jewish Dating Coach, NYC

Michelle Frankel is a trained and authorized Jewish Dating Coach, marriage advisor and matchmaker, based in New York. She helps young people find their perfect match and have a happy and successful relationship.

6. Devorah Kigel – A dating advisor for Jewish Women

Devorah Kigel is a relationship expert and Jewish dating coach, NYC. She, especially, helps Jewish women to find their suitable partners. Besides this, Kigel is also an inspirational speaker. 

She incorporates her personal life experiences in her professional counseling sessions to solve numerous doubts and confusions of several Jewish women, related to dating and marriages. 

7. Israel Irenstein – A Top Certified Dating Coach, NYC

Israel Irenstein is an experienced and leading Jewish dating expert. He has his own foundation by the name ‘The Dating Academy’, where he provides dating advice to people as a certified dating coach.  

Currently, he has many volunteers and students, who follow in his footsteps and guide people, from different age groups to choose their Mr or Mrs Perfect.

8. Sara Malamund – The Best Professional Jewish Dating Coach, NYC

Sara Malamund is a skilful Jewish Matchmaker, NYC. She is not just a dating coach for her clients. Sara makes sure to provide extensive attention to all the people who come to her for help. 

Sara also uses her personal life experiences to provide certain do’s and don’ts which can either make or break the deal for most people. 

9. Sara Freed – A skilled Jewish Matchmaker, NYC

Sara Freed is a professional and certified Jewish Dating Coach, NYC. She makes people understand the importance of healthy communication and sound connection between two people in a relationship. She has specialized in orthodox Jewish relationships. Moreover, she also provides free consultation.

10. Jessica Fass – A Leading Jewish Dating Coach, NYC

Jessica Fass is a New York based, professional and experienced Jewish Dating Coach, NYC. As a matchmaker, she uses her presentiment to guide her clients to find answers to all their doubts and queries regarding their love life and marriages. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the top Jewish Dating Coach, NYC?

While there are many Jewish Dating Coaches available in NYC, the top 10 Jewish Dating Coaches are Rabbi Dr Jack Cohen, Aleeza Ben Shalom, Rachel Burnham, Judith Gottesman, Michelle Frankel, Devorah Kigel, Israel Irenstein, Sara Malamund, Sara Freed, and Jessica Fass. 

How do I choose the best Jewish Dating Coach, NYC?

While choosing a Dating Coach, you consider a few factors like consultation fees, client reviews, success rate of the dating coach, current projects and works. 

What is the need of a Jewish Dating Coach?

Jewish Dating Coaches are specially trained and have a wide range of knowledge related to maintaining balanced and happy relationships and marriages, without forgetting your religious values and beliefs. So, if you’re unsure about who you should choose as your life partner or what are the things an ideal life partner should have, it’s always better to seek information from the experts.

Is it allowed to date in Orthodox Jewish Culture?

The Jewish Culture is indeed a bit orthodox. And as per their religious scriptures, a person can go on serious dates. That means, you cannot go on several dates just to hang out and have fun. If you’re going on a date and the person is a suitable match for you, then you should be prepared to take a step forward and tie knots with the person in future. And Jewish Dating Coaches, NYC can surely help you with that.

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