Top 10 Best Wage Loss Expert Witnesses in USA

Learn about the top wage loss expert witnesses in the USA, including renowned forensic psychologist Dr. Kenneth J. Manges as he was one of the best wage loss expert witnesses in the USA. 

 Do you know how a wage loss specialist can assist you during a difficult time? An expert with advanced degree, experience in accounting or forensic accounting, business valuation, as well as financial losses are typical credentials to analyses in the problematic period. Expert witnesses with knowledge in revenue loss estimates typically hold postgraduate degrees in economics (PhD), fraud examination certification (CFE), or licensed public accounting (CPA).

Overview on  best wage loss expert witnesses in USA

 Dr. Kenneth J. Manges as a forensic Psychologist has constructively trained familial and vocational specialist, a speaker, a rehabilitation therapist, a vocational expert, and a court-qualified expert witness for criminal and civil cases and considered as one of the best wage loss expert witnesses in USA. He has over 40 years of expertise in problem-solving, and litigators, courts, individuals, corporations, and nonprofits with all respect for his communication skills and readiness.

Academics and Experience

His academic focus was on Independent Medical Examinations for work-related injuries and Economic Wage Loss Assessments for the Bureau of Workers Compensation as well as claimant attorneys and employers. He also performed forensic psychological exams, including issues such as parental competency, improper influence, capability to stand trial, and not guilty by reason of insane behavior. Regarding the psychological effects of physical harm or emotional trauma on potential earnings and the impact of unemployment on future job prospects and quality of life, he provides an opinion that is relatively certain. He is a highly recognized expert in the field of litigation, who has gained the respect and trust of state and federal courts with his assessment.

A Guide to best wage loss expert witnesses in USA based on Functional capacity

 Employability refers to a person’s capacity to work and make revenue following an injury, taking into account the extent of their functional loss. The term “remaining functional capacity” refers to an injured or disabled person’s capacity to function following an injury. The vocational opinion is founded on an unbiased conclusion drawn from the medical data, the perspectives of other professionals, and sometimes an in-person interview and examination of the injured party. Medical evaluation determines if the harm is permanent.

Dr. Manges evaluates the impact of injuries in personal injury cases, including how they affect workers’ future earning potential. This includes assessing the impact on workers who can no longer perform their previous job duties due to injury. In cases where plaintiffs have reported minimal earnings, a Vocational Evaluation may be necessary to compare their pre-injury and post-earning capacity as he was a renowned top wage loss expert witness in usa. Dr. Manges also considers the injured party’s retirement age when calculating the impact on work-life expectancy.

 Top wage loss expert witnesses in USA Legal System

 1. Dr. Kenneth J. Manges

 Kenneth J. Manges is one of the influential and top wage loss expert witnesses in usa who has been named by Forensic psychologists and he leverages his extensive experience of over 40 years as a forensic psychologist to provide comprehensive services to trial attorneys. He offers expertise in wage loss analysis, psychological analysis, and serves as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

 2. ForensisGroup

Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk is one of the influential and best wage loss expert witnesses in usa who has been named by Forensis group as the experts of experts since 1991. She assists in connecting attorneys with expert witnesses to uncover the truth, significantly impact your case, and contribute more by revealing the truth extends beyond merely securing a victory for you and your clients; it upholds the principles of justice.

 3. Thomas Roney LLC Economic Consulting

 Thomas Roney was a chief president of Economic consulting and running with a group of high end economic specialists of eleven people who are expertized in professional and cost-effective expert services in calculating economic damages and is well known as best wage loss expert witnesses in usa. They are not only well in loss of wages but also expert in Business valuations, commercial damages, employment matters, forensic accounting, wrongful death, life expectancies, intellectual property and patent infringement.

 4. Eric Ratinoff Law Corp

 Eric J. Ratinoff was the founder of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp which has a history of achieving noteworthy outcomes in cases as he is one of the top wage loss expert witnesses in usa. Over a billion dollars have been recovered for clients by Eric’s team, proving time and time again that they can take on and succeed in difficult cases. Also they are recognized widely through state wise and national wise in their legal achievements.

5. The Knowles Group

 The Knowles group is another addition of an Economic consulting company serving in states and Canada since 1979. Eric Knowles is a forensic expert and economic expert who gives this service for the people who need economic or financial support in and around the major cities in the USA as he was one of the  top wage loss expert witnesses in usa. Their services extend beyond economic analysis to include expert witness testimony and complex litigation support. We assess each case individually, providing the analysis necessary to justify present and future economic losses.

 6.     ALM Witness

 Need an expert for your case? Look no further than’s comprehensive directory. This online resource connects lawyers with a vast pool of qualified professionals, including expert witnesses, investigators, and litigation support specialists. Whether you require economic analysis, accident reconstruction, or medical testimony, can help you find the right fit. With a user base heavily weighted towards legal professionals (88%) and litigation-focused firms (66%), you’re guaranteed a targeted audience for your expert services.

 7. Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, New Jersey

Since 1988, Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, P.C. has championed the rights of New Jersey employees. This experienced employment law firm tackles a broad spectrum of workplace issues, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, leaves of absence, unfair contracts, wage theft, and more. They are dedicated to helping individuals navigate complex legal challenges and secure the fair services they deserve as people believe they are one of the  best wage loss expert witnesses in usa.

 8. GDS Law Group, LLP

 For over two decades, GDS Law Group, LLP has been a trusted legal partner for individuals across Central Indiana by three partners Gilley, Dandurand & Summerfield as the best wage loss expert witnesses in usa Their team of highly skilled attorneys takes pride in providing comprehensive and personalized representation. GDS understands the importance of justice and fights for their clients’ rights in a variety of legal matters, including criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and more. Whether you’re facing a complex legal challenge or simply need sound legal advice, GDS Law Group is here to guide you through every step of the process.

 9. Beta Business Consulting LLC

 Dr. Larry D. Strokes, a Ph.D. in economics, brings over four decades of expertise to the table.  He has a proven track record in litigation economics, having tackled complex cases for 40+ years. His background also encompasses industrial, business, and retail development, making him a well-rounded professional.  Currently, his focus lies on applying his knowledge to the field of forensic economics.

10. Expert Institute

 With 36 years of experience, Terry P. Leslie, along with Dr. Justin John Francis O’Rourke, who has 10 years of specialized experience, are considered the best wage loss expert witnesses in the USA. Their expertise encompasses lost income calculations in various contexts, including economics, personal injury, wrongful termination cases, and divorce proceedings. These experts have provided opinions related to the effects of wage loss, disability, unexpected death and business interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the top wage loss expert in the USA?

The top wage loss expert in the USA is Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk. She is renowned for her extensive experience, deep expertise in economic loss assessment, and her exceptional ability to provide accurate and reliable wage loss analyses. She assists in connecting attorneys with expert witnesses to uncover the truth to make a convenient justice for victims.

What Makes Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk the Top Wage Loss Expert Witness in USA?

Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk is recognized as the top wage loss expert witness in the USA due to several key factors that highlight her expertise and contributions to the field. She was living her own American dream as she founded The ForensisGroup, expert of experts in 1991. She paved her way to her dream through her hard work and consistency towards her passion.

People Also Ask

Can wage loss experts help with personal injury cases?

Absolutely Yes, wage loss experts are mostly involved in personal injury cases. They tend to find the economic impact of injuries by estimating lost wages, medical expenses, and declined earning capacity. Their analyses help courts and insurance companies determine appropriate compensation for injured parties.

What is the role of a best wage loss expert witness in litigation disputes?

In the realm of legal disputes,  best wage loss expert witnesses in usa analyze the financial ramifications of an injury or wrongful termination. They meticulously craft reports that estimate both past and future losses in wages and benefits, collaborating closely with attorneys to either strengthen or challenge claims made in court. Their work directly impacts the financial compensation awarded in these cases.

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