Top 10 basement remodeling contractors in Wilmington; DE

Remodeled basements are quite the investment for homeowners. They not only allow for additional spaces subject to the needs of the homeowners, but increase the overall value of their property as well. If you happen to be a homeowner in Wilmington, in search of basement remodeling contractors. You have come to the right place. In this blog, we list out the best basement remodeling contractors in Wilmington; DE for you to check out their services. 

The contractors in the list have been chosen based off their years in the industry and overall feedback on their services.

B&B Contracting

With years of experience in the industry, B&B Contracting have earned a stellar reputation for transforming dull basements into stunning living spaces.With a team of highly skilled professionals who excel in creating designs that blend seamlessly with the home’s aesthetics, they also manage to obtain maximum utility out of empty, deprecit places thus largely adding to their value and overall functionality.

Homeowners in Wilmington strongly prefer B&B Contracting for their remodeling needs due to their:

Valuable Expertise and Experience

B&B Contracting boast a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in basement remodeling, courtesy to the many successful projects under their belt. They have the skills and expertise necessary for delivering outstanding results and are the ones whom homeowners in Wilmington trust with dealing with any aspect of basement remodeling with precision and speed. 

Customer-Centric Approach

B&B Contracting understand that each homeowner come with their own need and expectation for their basement. Which is why they prioritize client collaboration, working closely with homeowners in bringing their vision to life while at the same time ensuring that the work compliments with the overall aesthetics of their home.

Timely-Project Completion

B&B Contracting value their clients. They show steadfast commitment in completing their clients projects on time, thus ensuring that their clients enjoy their newly renovated spaces without troubling over unnecessary dragging of the remodeling work.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Homeowners in Wilmington love B&B Contracting. Thanks to the many reviews by clients thrilled with the results. B&B Contracting have established themselves as the best basement remodeling contractors in Wilmington; DE for their services.

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All About Basements

All About Basements are well-known basement remodeling contractors with services in Wilmington and surrounding areas. They specialize in basement projects, offering comprehensive services towards transforming empty basements into spaces according to their owners need and living. 

Basements Love Us

Basements Love Us are a trusted name in the basement remodeling industry in Wilmington, taking pride in their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Their speciality lie in ensuring that all their projects are completed to the highest standards without any shortcomings.

Delaware Basement Finishing

Delaware Basement Finishing specialize in creating comfortable spaces out of dusty basements. The offer a range of services, from simple upgrades to entire basement tranformations.

Basement Masters

Basement Masters are a reputable remodeling company, who focus on providing efficient and cost-effective transformation solutions for making the most out of unused, empty basement spaces.

The Basement Store

The Basement Store are well-established basement remodeling contractors in Wilmington, known for their extensive basement finishing products to choose from. They also provide guidance and installation services for homeowners to help bring their basement vision to life.

Basement Living Systems

Basement Living Systems specialize in creating spaces that are energy-efficient and comfortable. Their focus on sustainability sets them apart in the industry.

The Basement Guys

Known for their quality and craftsmanship, The Basement Guys are a reputable basement remodeling company, who specialize in waterproofing, finishing and renovating to help basements reach their maximum potential.

American Home Contractors

American Home Contractors are a full-service remodeling company that also specialize in basement remodeling. They bring their expertise in home improvement to transform basements into beautiful living spaces.

Envision Remodeling

With years in creating comfortable and pleasing spaces out of often overlooked areas of many homes, Envision Remodeling have established themselves as a trusted name for homeowners seeking to enhance their homes.


While often overlooked and neglected, basements have the ability to transform into beautiful living spaces provided the right attention. A remodeled basement is a smart investment for any homeowner provided the overall benefit and value with their addition.

We hope that through this article, homeowners in Wilmington, will now be able to make the right choice for their basement remodulation and start to realize their dream for a pleasing and aesthetic basement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors are considered while choosing the best basement waterproofing contractors in Wilmington; DE?

While several factors are considered while selecting the best basement waterproofing contractors in Wilmington; DE. For, this list, more consideration has been put towards the contractors’ years in the industry and feedback on their services. Each of the above featured contractors in the list, have several years of experience and success to their credit.

What is the typical estimate of a basement remodeling project in Wilmington?

The estimate of a basement remodeling project depend upon the contractors, as each contractor have their own way for estimating quotes for a project. The best option for clients is to visit their websites or get in touch with them and discuss about their plans, so as to get an overall idea about the quote from them. 

How long does a basement remodeling project usually take?

The duration of a basement remodeling project depend on many factors, some including size of the project, the homeowners choices and preferences outside of the project and the already existing state of the project. It is advisable for homeowners to discuss these in detail to help contractors come up with an estimated time for the overall completion of the project.

Do the contractors provide warranty and aftercare coverages after the completion of the projects?

Yes, all the contractors in this list provide warranty and aftercare coverages for their services. This is a sign that they stand behind their work and are always ready to address any queries or concerns. 

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