Texts and links are important to make the structure of the site clear for SEO.


it contains the important key words. which need to be observed by the SEO.It is a visible and clickable text which is SEO-FRIENDLY .Anchor Text is different in colour, and underlined in blue.An Anchor Text provides the user and the Search Engine, relevant information about the destination of the link and the content related to it.The text which is used by various pages, to link to the site , is used by the Search Engine.The Search Engine collects information about the search of the visitors.An Anchor Text is a word , which is exact match to a key word that appears many times on the page that is being linked to.

For example: The medical fraternity at MAYO CLINIC ………….the Neuro patients in MAYO CLINIC have mostly……..


There are seven types of Anchor Texts.

EXACT MATCH: The key words are exact match to one another.

PHRASE MATCH: Text contains keyword PHRASES.

PARTIAL MATCH :In case of variation in the key word that is being linked , a partial match takes place.

For example: : “Linking various strategies” gets linked to a Page about ” Various Links”.

BRANDED LINK : A brand name is used as an Anchor Link.

For example: Nike Shoes linking to an article on Nike Sports ware.

NAKED LINK: A URL is used as an Anchor Link.

www.google.com is a naked link.

GENERIC LINK: A word or a phrase is used as a link.for example: “NEXT” is a Generic Link.

IMAGE LINKS:Images which contain text, can be used as Anchor Links.


To optimise an Anchor Link , Words and Phrases must be chosen to give correct meaning to the context.

3. A LINK :

It is also called a HYPER LINK.It is a a digital reference to the data .Hypertext is a Text with Hyperlinks.

For example,



When another Website links back to the site , Inbound Links are formed.Inbound Links show higher quality of content.These links are very important in Search Engine Optimisation.(SEO).

For example, if www.amazon.com mentions about a product and includes a clickable link to the site www.lemomfresh.com , that would become an Inbound Link.


These are also called Authority Links or Back Links.These are used to include a link to an external site. When Search Engine observes a lot of user activity on the site , it can have a positive impact on the SEO.

For example, if a visitor on a site clicks a link to www.google.com , this will be an Outbound Link.


  1. Topical signals become strong
  2. For google to understand the content, and the site in a better manner.
  3. Important in writing difficult concepts.
  4. These links build reader’s trust in content.Outbound Links show Expertise , by linking to Authoritative sources and give Trustworthiness. (EAT)

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