Things to Consider when you are search for Business Plan Writing Services for Your New Business


This article will give you a guideline on how to select the right Business Plan Writing Services for Your Next Startup. No matter you have previous experience in managing your own business or you have worked in some other company or not. It is the most important part of any startup to make the public know about your business. When starting a business, many factors have to be rightly implemented. Therefore when you are having an idea for any kind of startup, you have to study it thoroughly before stepping into the project.

First of all, you need to study the market as a whole and especially the particular business you are planning to start. You may have to know about different well-known business plan writing services. It is easy to find a good business plan writing service by analyzing that particular business’s success and consistency story. But it is a time-consuming effort for business plan writers to write a good and appealing business plan. A wise investor will set apart enough time for the same. It can be from at least 6 months to 1 year. 

Planning is the first step for any startup. But implementing the plans is more important than planning. Delay in implementing the plan will destroy the enthusiasm. Anyone can make plans. But for implementing the plan one should have courage, wisdom, energy, and an experimental attitude. To start a business, a person or a partnership needs many supporting factors. Individual support, family support, and social support are important for a startup. Government tools should work for supporting the investor by giving adequate service without delay and by giving necessary clearances.

Business Planning Related Challenges Faced by Startups

Every startup is an experiment. But without an experiment, a result is not possible. When an individual or a team of people has a plan for starting a business, many factors have to involve in that effort. Since a startup does not guarantee success, an entrepreneur is willing to take a risk by starting a new business

If an individual starts a business only by himself, he is taking complete responsibility for its success or failure. Whereas if there are different partners the profit and the loss are shared as per the percentage of share each partner holds. So the result is been shared, whether profit or loss. 

Once the decision is taken to staring a business, then the entrepreneur will have many challenges in executing the business. Some major challenges are the following.

  • Choose the right kind of business to start.
  • Make an appropriate business plan by the entrepreneur or by an expert business plan writing service team.
  • Get approval from different Government departments to start the business.
  • Select the location
  • Raise the capital 
  • Choose the best experts for running the business.
  • Give training to the staff
  • Find suppliers for the business and maintain the consistency
  • Find customers for the product or service and maintain consistency.
  • Integrity and understanding among the partners if any
  • Integrity of the staff.

What is a Business Plan

It is said that a good start is half done. That indicates the importance of having a strong basic structure as the foundation. A business plan is the base of any startup. It is a formal written document of planning a business. An entrepreneur can make his plan or he can hire a business plan writing service. An outline structure is made by a business plan consultant for a business. Later the structure is made in reality by implementing each and every plan that is written. So a startup is built on a plan. Any good business plan will mention the merits and the demerits which are likely to occur after establishing a business. 

It’s proven, that companies that plan primarily and implement what is planned to grow 30% faster than those that don’t. Business plan writers must have accurate and comprehensive knowledge about the market, financial sources, government policies, etc. and it should be included in the plan that they write. A business plan should have the details of how, when, where, and by whom the planned business is going to be established. Every detail is written with clarity. 

A long-term plan has to be made. There should be more than one plan before getting into a startup. If one plan fails to achieve the target the second plan has to be implemented to reach the goal. Once a business plan is done, it is important to start taking the necessary steps without delay toward the functioning of that particular business startup. Delay can cause loss to the investor in terms of financial liabilities, and delay in reaching out to clients and income generation.

Advantages of Business Plan for Startups

Having a business plan has only advantages and no disadvantages for a business startup. Though an entrepreneur or a company may take small deviations from the business plan later,  it always gives a guideline for the journey. We might exclude some ideas or include new ideas into the written business plan later. But that will remain the source of energy for an investor. 

There are several benefits to making a business plan. A well-structured business plan gives us, a base and knowledge of the entire business activities. It also gives more confidence, ideas, etc.

The business plan is an important aspect in making a base for the startup. Without a strong foundation, improvement is not possible. So once the plan is made, then taking the necessary action, in proportionate to the idea becomes easier. Any startup will have to have an unshaken base, in terms of ideas, capital, and manpower. Every aspect is equally important for a startup. These fundamental aspects will help the investor to make goodwill in the market, without investing more money in paid marketing.

Any customer will study a company before they start a business deal with that company. A well-drafted business plan is a powerful tool to attract financing companies and also it helps in attracting qualified teams and companies to come forward at the initial stage as customers.

No customer will directly spend money on any deal without getting the required information about that company. Businesses unlike any other career need a lot of investment other than investing time, and expertise. In business, money is the most important investment and that is earned from outsourcing. 

Unlike other careers, businessmen take more risks by investing money into their business. Since person individually or as a group taking more risks, more study is essential. A company has to generate business and make a profit out of it. So managing a business is an added responsibility for an investor. 

Even if a company has a good reputation, name, and publicity if the company’s financial growth is not proportionate to various forms of investment, that is not a successful business. Because a business needs to have consistency. Without making a profit consistency is not possible for an investor.  

If the financial benefit is not accomplished, then by doing any kind of attractive activity, that business may not exist. So every step is to be taken carefully in business. Prudence and wisdom play an important role in the success of a business.  A good business plan will have clarity in every aspect. 

However, making a business plan is time-consuming and money-consuming. So a person who is planning for a new business should think wisely, whether a business plan is necessary or not. If the investor has some fundamental ideas about starting and running a business, it is a more valuable resource for him to start a business than a written plan made by a second person.  

writing a business plan vs Hiring Business Plan Writing Services

If the investor has every idea about a startup, that will add more chances to the success of that particular business. Everything from the beginning if he can plan and do for his own business, will make him more confident as well. Creativity and smart thinking are the basic needs of any investor. At the same time, doing every effort by one person will have more burden on him.

Planning plays an important role in the success of a business. By writing the business plan by yourself, you will learn every detail of your business. That will allow you to have well control over the financial aspect, and you save money that spends on hiring a business plan writer or a consultancy. However, since you have no previous experience, you may make mistakes as well.

Sharing duties and responsibilities will add efficiency and will lead to a better result. The smooth running of any business is based on planning. If the investor decides to hire a business plan writing service, he can rely on that service team when and where he needs any further changes in the company after the company has been established. The expert business plan writing service company will have more information about different strategies, which different companies implement. So writing your business plan and hiring business plan writing services, both have pros and cons. 

How to Hire the Right Business Plan Writing Service

Finding the right service provider for making a business plan is one of the major challenges for a startup. Experienced and successful business plan writers are many in the present time and therefore finding the best is a difficult task. When it comes to business plan writing, other talents in writing or other areas of writing skills do not matter. A business plan is more logical than impressive. So when we approach a business plan writing service or a consultancy, the first thing we must keep in mind is their authenticity and creative content.

A business plan is written for a long-term period. It has many aspects like financial control, marketing, learning, customer relationship, maintaining records and documents, etc. A good business plan writing service company should have goodwill and consistency in the business sector. It is important to have all the information about the business plan writing service company, before approaching them for making a business plan. The integrity, transparency, continuous monitoring, and support for their clients, etc. are the important factors to consider. 

Top 3 Business Plan Writing Services

  1. SixPL Business Plan Writing Services
  2. Live Plan
  3. Upwork


SixPL Business Plan Writing Services

SixPL is a business plan writing and IT company, a global provider based in Delhi. It is a global provider of IT, Blockchain, Digital Marketing & Content Writing Services. The company was established in 2012. Now the company has two branches in Delhi and serves more than 1200 clients. Also, the company has offices in the USA.

Mr.Saket Kumar Singh is the founder and CEO of SixPL. He is an entrepreneur, writer, digital marketer, crypto enthusiast, and corporate trainer. The training program platform is ECT (a government-approved training institute in India)

SixPL company’s specialties are IT Services, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Crypto, Content Writing, Javascript, React, NextJS, Nodejs, Web Application, Mobile Apps, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads Management, White Paper, Web3 Development, Community Management Services, and Business Plan

The company has provided services to more than fifteen hundred clients for more than twenty-two hundred projects in 25 countries over the years. The client retention rate is 75 percent.



Liveplan is a well-known business plan preparation service provider. The company was formed in 1988 in the United States of America. Liveplan has tested and refined its business plan structure over the years. Therefore when you hire a business plan writer from Liveplan, you will be increasing the chances of securing a loan or investment. Their unique business plan makers helped more than 850,000 businesses and are trusted by top business schools across the US.

Liveplan is one of the most trusted business plan preparation services in the world. The business plan specialists of the company have experience in making business plans for hundreds of small businesses and startups. As a business plan preparation service company, Liveplan has a tremendous reputation and goodwill globally.

This business plan preparation service Company started in 1988, Palo Alto Software provides tools, software, and expert business plan makers to more than 180 countries. The founder of Liveplan business plan preparation service, Tim Berry was the Vice President of Silicon Valley high-tech planning and research. Also, Mr.Berry was the planning consultant for Apple Computers for 12 years.

Liveplan is many times more than a tool to make a simple one-page business plan. It facilitates a step-by-step process of making a detailed and complete business plan document. It includes automatic financials and a polished presentation as well.

LivePlan helps you to make your effort simple for business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and performance tracking for small businesses and startups. Pitch, plan, and track your business anywhere. It has more than five hundred sample plans and the company has extended its service to more than a million small business owners globally.



Upwork is one of the best Freelancers for hire in India and across the globe. The world’s top freelancing website.The world’s work marketplace. The company was started 2 decades ago in the US and the global headquarter is in San Francisco.

Upwork connects businesses to independent professionals and agencies around the globe. The company provides opportunities for businesses to work with freelancers hand in hand. The company provides a platform to work for more than 500 jobs. Upwork, help a business to grow by getting tied up with reputed agencies. The company has talented business plan-making specialists for supporting new business ventures for startups and continuous services. Upwork provides a platform for experts to unlock their potential. Earned more than $3.3 billion on Upwork in 2021. This earning was made possible by the company’s talent community across more than 10,000 skills. The talents are under different categories, and the main categories include website & app development, creative & design, customer support, finance & accounting, consulting, and operations.  


Now the global market and the specifications with 100 percent clarity are available to any internet user at his fingertip. Choosing the right one from many is a sensible task for a beginner who is planning to step into any kind of business. First of all, a business plan must convince you to go for that particular business. Because it is you who is going to invest your time, money, energy, and thoughts into it. So your dream you are going to implement by starting a business. 

As everyone knows, a business is spending and earning. Without earning spending does not mean a business. So in every spending, a business person should have proper calculation about it. Therefore prudence is important for any investor. 

Business plan writers, business plan writing preparation services, consultancy, or business plan makers do not invest in one’s business. But they do help him for making his own business. So the pleasure of profit and risk of loss is completely upon the investor.

Any startup is like a baby. It needs continuous care and nurturing. Consistency of a business and continuity in its quality defines a business. The policy-making people or the business plan makers are playing an invisible and intangible role in a business.  But they are the backbone of any business firm. 

If a business is flourishing faster than the expected time, it can be an indication of something good or bad. There the authority must pay attention. They should find time to sit around the table and discuss scenarios.  It is not rare for businessmen to look into their income and forget to check their expenditures. Especially if the company is under a bank loan or any other finance company’s support, every money matters have to be monitored carefully.  Because every added expenditure is also to be considered when calculating profit.

Continuous monitoring is essential for a business to maintain its consistency. Because the after effect of a business, if it does not maintain its profit margin in proportionate to the development of the business, will induce a negative impact on the investor. Then the investor has to bear the financial liabilities. If an investor loses money, he will have to spend a part of his future, remaking that money. So his life is given to compensate for the damage that happens. 

Later he will develop confidence in starting another business with the lessons he learned from his previous one. So experiments and experiences will mold a person. So as in business, failure can become the stepping stone to success. So an experienced businessman will be the right person to make a business plan for himself and others.

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