The world of texts and links the SEO packages.

The purpose of the paper is to explains what an anchor text and what different types of links are. The types of links are a link, an inbound link, an outbound link and a backlink.

An anchor text

An anchor text is the hyperlink in the text form. An anchor text can grab the attention of the reader , as it is in a different highlighted color . Giving a click an anchor text it makes access the information required. It acts as main building blocks in the search engine and very user friendly . The improper usage of anchor links does not allow the SEO to work. Its important to focus and use an anchor text in a total potential.

For example, The are many plants in the nursery, if you want a rose, you can pick best flower.

The anchor text is in color link. This leads to the site with highest link authority makes the anchor text to rank better.

A link is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of links to your website to gaining traffic. It is in word /text that is a connection between two websites. Its a clickable text form. Its serves the reader with trustworthy. More links in a page can get more votes. The votes improves their ranking.

An Inbound

These are the links are also known a incoming links or backlinks. It is a format that brings the reader from other website to our website. The google views an inbound link as an indicator that your site has a high quality content. these are important elements of a search engine.

There is a minute difference between an inbound and a backlink. The inbound links are links that earns the referral traffic. While the backlinks are on increasing search engine ranking in a website. But a common function is that these both links are following off page SEO method.

For example, if you have a website A . if a website B is mentioning your information of A in their website. Its creating an inbound link to your website A , because here link is coming in.

A backlink

This type of link is the one, where website links to another as a anchor text. websites backlinks are all over the internet. Especially on popular blogs which links back to the content.

here I mention backlink of SEO packages which redirects reader to the website.

An outbound link

Here is the link created from our website to the other websites. it brings the reader from our website to other websites. It is a fruitless effort to create an outbound link in an Seo. So there is no creating a outbound link for seo. When we provide the value to the content the authority increases. if the outbound link are right, authority of website increases.

For example if your website A is mentioning the website B information. There it is creating an outbound link from your website. as here the link goes out for your website.

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