The Roots of Vaginal Odour

“There is nothing wrong with having a vagina that smells like vagina and not like a wildflower.”

Vaginas have natural odour. Females feel unconscious about the scent of their vagina. It’s normal to have a slight scent for a healthy vagina.This odour changes with hormonal shifts during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. A problem arises when vaginal discharge has a strong and fishy smell which may lead to an infection in future.

Vagina is a home of billions of bacteria. Giving a home to bacteria can lead a stinky fragrance down there. There are many roots that change the odour of vagina. Change is normal. However, if these changes exist for a long period of time, it can lead to serious health problems.


Bacteria can grow producing a fishy odour giving rise to Bacterial Vaginosis, the most common infection among young females. Antibiotics can help to cure this infection. Moreover, adopting certain healthy habits can reduce the risk of experiencing it again.

A woman can experience an extreme and strong vaginal odour when she is menstruating. Blood has an uplifted Ph. The rotten smell is due to the blood and tissues flowing down the vagina along with bacteria. Generally, it’s not a huge change in fragrance and it goes away once the period is over.

An unpleasant vaginal scent is noticed after a rigorous exercise. It’s due to the sweat down there. Therefore, it is advisable to take a shower after a heavy workout session to get rid of the musky smell. All you need to clean your vagina is water and a mild soap and its application is restricted to vulva to avoid any serious infection in future.

Another challenge that a woman may get encountered with is a yeast infection. It has a yeasty smell which is quite different from a fishy odour. The Ph of vagina does not change in yeast infection , it just has a distinctive strong smell. OTC yeast infection medications can help in healing of the infection.

Consumption of sugary products can activate an overgrowth of yeast, which can build up the odour of the vagina. However, some incidental evidence suggests that consuming sweet foods such as watermelon, apple and pineapple can help to reduce the musky smell. Moreover, staying well-hydrated can stop the bacterial growth. Therefore, females should increase the intake of water they have in a day. 

A woman’s body is so magical that it can take a seed and turn into life. Despite the number of damaging consequences, a woman can turn down every obstacle so gracefully. Adopting good hygiene measures , maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, avoiding douches and bubble baths, considering a Ph product and using only exterior deodorizing products can help to get rid of all the problems that a woman faces.

Feminine odour is something all women get encountered with. It’s completely normal to have some kind of vaginal scent. Don’t be frightened to really get to know your vagina. The more you understand the smells your vagina produces everyday, the more organized you will be when something goes wrong.

“And, no, that scent is not a pasture of fragrant flowers. It’s a vagina, it should smell like one.”

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