The Real happiness

It seemed like those lady fingers were saying congratulations to me! You got the success. Now show me your smiley face. Those lady fingers were swaying gently with the gust of wind. I was filled with excitement and joy.

My interest for gardening is not so old, this is one of those hobbies that was born during the lockdown period. One day I got the seeds of a ladyfinger from someone near , I thought I should grow it. I read the information regarding sowing and took it to my terrace and planted it in a pot. 

 I used to pour a little water into it every day and take care like a little child. I was eagerly waiting for those seeds to grow and notice them every day to see if there was any progress or not. I knew it takes some time and I should have some patience but my excitement level was high. I checked that pot everyday for a few months but I didn’t see anything growing. It could be because of changing weather or bad quality of seeds, but I didn’t get success in my work. This made me sad and now I stopped going to the terrace to check the pot. I thought gardening is not for me, I should develop my interest in something else.

After  that I forgot all this. Many months had passed , and I got busy in my life. During the lockdown we experimented with different things and learned new things. We used to cook different types of food every day. We spent some quality time with our loved ones and had lunch and dinner together.

One day I was busy with my studies, then the vegetable seller’s voice came” Buy vegetable, buy vegetable”  then my mother went outside, she came back  with some vegetables.

“How were the vegetables? expensive or cheap? I asked her without looking at her.

“Look here, it’s totally free”  My mother told me with a slight smile.

I looked at her he had lady fingers in her hand, I was trying to understand, then my mother said, “yes, this is the ladyfingers that you grew  few months ago

There was no limit to my happiness. I left my books and rushed towards the terrace. I saw that pot in which I planted ladyfingers few months ago. There were many ladyfingers stuck to the plant. After seeing this I felt happy and relaxed inside. I felt like my hard work wasn’t wasted. I said to myself congratulations, you succeeded.

After this, there was no limit to how many vegetables I grew and still continue…..

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