The Myth of Competitive Examinations

Almost every Indian parent holds an abstract idea that the key to success for their children is cracking a competitive examination, be it WBCS, IAS, IPS, UPSC or anything of that sort. So when we try to think of a career which does not fit in this social taboo of success, we have to struggle with an inner turmoil within us. The conflict is between our heart and our brain about what to choose between these two where our brain orders us to follow the traditional path taught by our parents but our heart requests us to follow our passion. Sometimes in the process of keeping our parents and the society happy, we ignore our own dreams and aspirations. We try to imbibe such a dream within us which can never give us the self – satisfaction that we all need in our lives.

When we try to do something not of our choice, we end up losing our true essence of life. Life then heaps upon us too many complications and it becomes extremely difficult for us to achieve something big in such a state. We not only lose our valuable time in this process but also lose the confidence that is a must for all of us. As we know that professional life is something which will take most of our time in life, it should not merely act as a mode of earning money but it should provide us with the sense of contentment that can help us sustain ourselves in the long run.

Life does not always give us a second chance to redeem ourselves. So it is the best for us to connect our passion with our profession and lead a life of gratification rather than regretting our decision later.

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