The Messy Beauty of Teenage Limbo

                 “CAN WE MAKE IT OUT OF LIMBO ALIVE ?”

Being young is painful. It’s somewhere between being a kid and an adult. It’s almost too much to feel. Lucky are those who make it out alive. Millions of hot-blooded youth encounter little deaths each day in his or her life. Your parents influence you to succeed. Your friends push you to do stuff you don’t wish to.

Social media pressures you to hate your body. It’s hard, even if you try to balance it. The world wants you to be mature and express the rage deep down but the moment you do they make you feel that you shouldn’t. In a nutshell, teenage years are limbo.

In our prevailing society, scars are symbolic of a person who is smashed, broken, shattered, and crushed. In essence, it’s a sign of the torn. We tend to think that scars are unattractive and imperfect. They never go away. At heart, scars are not reminders of what’s been broken rather of what’s been created.

Every splintered thing can fabricate into something bona fide. I really wanted to put emphasis to look around through that prism. Your parents. Your friends or even the strangers passing down the street. Every individual passes through that road where hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin, sometimes called the “love hormone” hit up tremendously at least two areas of the brain become more active when you are in love.

The teenage brain upgrades before it grows an adult brain. It upgrades until it makes it out of limbo. The upgradation is more about likes or dislikes, what we should do or what we shouldn’t.

Apparently, that phase is a blast of all the chemical reactions that could happen to a human brain and the body. The thing is how we make it alive as many of us break down. Love in our generation is more of experiencing new things with your partner and flexing to the world who are so much involved in theirs. And the cycle goes round and round, turning a human heart with no emotions.

Imagine a person coming into your life just with the intention to mend all the broken pieces of you, accepting all your imperfections in a way you fall in love with yourself, first. 

There is a reason why famous authors, storytellers talk about the youth. Because in that phase it’s almost too much to feel. We can’t just escape. Our reactions to most of the situations speak more about the person we are going to be in future.

It’s an unexpected journey that teaches you about love, loss and yes about yourself.

“We all once thought of not being here anymore, no not suicidal, just to get out of limbo.”

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