The Last Note

   Who knows a hasty interaction with a strange man will lead to a never-ending relationship. Meeting you that day officially left the impression that you are an arrogant and finicky person. That day, I thought of never talking to you again. But Yes! At some corner of the heart, something ignited, maybe some spark.

I remember, whenever I saw you, I used to pose all calm outwardly, but only I knew what turmoil was going on inside. A kind of irritation and frustration was happening all time as we were not normal towards each other. That time, not realized, how could we be normal?

Normalcy never happened between us. Maybe our string was destined to attach beyond all reality and superficial world. Remember, we used to tease each other; we used to fight; made fun of each other; all because we were having something for each other. But we were fools, we were not able to get what God was trying to convey to us. Maybe it was his way of telling, “tease, fight, or whatever, but keep talking to each other.” I remember we never left any opportunity to go in the vein where we could not mock or ridicule others.

           Over the years, with these fighting and arguing over all such trivial issues, can you believe we traveled a journey of two decades? Never been any moment in life when I didn’t felt your need. You are always strong support, a pillar of strength that stood at the front to take all negatives of me. Words may fall short in the dictionary if ever I have to describe what you are for me. Many times I recall your anger, your continual criticism against me.

You know, I hated myself of why I am being emotionally connected to a person who is always flippant towards me. Though, I could see your hidden emotions but expected you to speak or express. Your crabby attitude deep punched inside many times. But I believed that attitude is another way of expressing something.

I remember every incident, every hard and tough moment. I was going through a tough phase of my life when the world was against me and hitting my self-respect and tarnishing my dignity. But you were there, you were always there to reply and respond to every bullshit which could affect my life adversely in any way. With all your support, I could overcome not only that phase but every obstacle which could hinder my life in any way.

You are an amazing person, a wonderful human being and of course a true, loyal, and dedicated friend. I don’t know what the future has in store for us, but am hopeful that it will grow every next day.

With all positive feelings, a (last) note………

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