The Happiness of My First Bloom

I had always been a keen observer of nature. But it was two years back when I developed an interest in gardening. Living in a metro city, I have only a small terrace area where I could dwell with my newly found interest. I started planting a sapling and loved to see them grow. Every single leaf of my every plant could not skip from my eyes.

The lockdown has given ample time to live my interest and whatever extra time I got I spent with my plants. I treat my plants as kids who need bath twice daily and enough doses of their weekly nutrients. Most of my plants started blooming or fruiting. It’s blissful to watch the flowers of your efforts.

Dr Bose’s crescograph proved that plants have life and they are living beings also. I also realised plants talk to you and respond with the way of flowering, shaking their leaves, or drooping to show sulking mood.

Yes, trust they also have enough mood swings. I was having a happy time with my plants and their saplings. But one thing that was paining me that my Madhumalti bel (Rangoon Creeper) was not flowering. Every evening I used to talk to her. “Oh Madhu, Are you not happy? Why? Do you need anything else? Anything special you wish to eat? ” I wished my Madhu could hear me so she can tell me why she is not happy. 

I was waiting for her smile. It’s two years since my Madhu was planted. Not a single day passed when I had not interacted with her. I felt as if she is missing someone’s company. I wished she could tell me. 

The days passed and I kept on waiting for Madhu to bloom. One day while maintaining my garden casually I kept the Bassil plant next to Madhu. And then it happened. After a week when I went to water the plants, voila I noticed the first flower on my Madhu.

“ You should have told me that you were missing your friend….,” satirically I complemented my Madhu.

A cool breeze and my Madhu replied moving her leaves.

Yes yes, I got!! I will not move basil away from you, theek hai”.  Now Madhumalti is flowering. It was ecstatic to watch and feel that first flower. It was a time to enjoy.

I wanted to capture and save this memory. I clicked photographs from all angles and had ten selfies with that first flower. It was the happiest moment for which I waited for two years. I wanted to swag, after all, it was my hard work which was blooming. I was so confused; what do I do with my first flower? Shall I pluck it off or let it remain there? And then I realised that soon it will get dry and drop.

 No, I don’t want my first flower should die. I wanted to keep it with me forever. I wished if we could have the flower lockers to keep them safe where they don’t get fade or shrivel and remain with us forever.

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