The Fountain of Youthfulness

Who wouldn’t want to be in the stage of youth. That’s one page of life which most of us want to revisit…

But do you know that we can always retain our youthfulness if we wish to!! Yes, it is possible to always remain young – Young at Heart. Our body will age and it has to. Such is the design of it. But that’s not the case with our inner being, which can be ever young if you decide it to be.

Just remember your youth days. How was it? What did you do and what you didn’t? How did you think? What were your feelings like? And how about your ideologies!! Did you actually bother about yesterdays and tomorrows!!! Did you really care what others thought about you!!! How was life like? You can bring those back into your life.. yes it is possible. Don’t move around thinking the burden of the world is over your shoulders… Come on.. just breathe. It’s okay. Life is a journey worth living. Just live it to it’s fullest.

I promise you’ll be ever grateful for this article.

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