That precious moment

Sometimes we get things we had almost given up hope on. But if you have faith in God then nothing is impossible. By the grace of God, I got what I was waiting for a long time. Ultimately that precious moment came in my life too.

It was Thursday 10 A.M on 15 July 2021, I was in the operation theatre, there was lots of light, some nurses, anesthetists and a couple of doctors were around me. They were waiting for the main surgeon who was going to operate on me. 

It’s difficult to describe in words what condition I was in, because it is a common thing for a woman to become a mother, but in my case it was even more special because I was going to get the happiness of becoming a mother after 12 years. 

 My eyes were closed, I was remembering the entire past that how long we waited to have kids, to achieve this happiness, we visited many doctors and underwent long treatment. We did everything, from visiting doctors to superstitions. But ultimately it happens only by God’s will. 

 Finally this day has come in my life today. I was very excited but scared at the same time. I could feel my heart beating very clearly. Now the wait was over and the doctor had arrived. A simple female doctor wearing a saree, with a smiley face was in front of me, whose age would probably be Between 50 to 55.

 “How are you feeling now “The doctor asked me! “Definitely good but quite scary” I replied!

 “No need to worry, everything will be fine, when you see your child for the first time, you will forget everything,” the doctor replied. After that she instructed the anesthetic to give me anesthesia in my spinal cord and covered my face with cloth. Within a few minutes I became unconscious, but was slightly conscious, I could hear everything and feel that something was happening.

 After that the doctor started operating on me, my heart started beating faster. After a few minutes had passed, it seemed as if everything had calmed down, there was pin drop silence, and suddenly I started hearing the sound of a child crying around me, the child was crying loudly. I understood that the wait is over, I took a deep breath, now I was feeling a bit light.

 I asked the doctor, Is it a boy or a girl?

 Congratulations “it’s a Girl” doctor replied!

 “Oh! God blessed me with goddess” I said to myself with all happiness.

 “Show me, show me, please show me her” I was constantly repeating these words. Then the doctor said “Okay, okay, calm down, nurses are cleaning her, then I will show you” I was thinking to myself that this moment is going to be precious to me.  After that she removed the cloth from my face and showed my daughter to me. As soon as I saw her I said to myself “Oh God! Thank you so much!  A cute, small, innocent face was in front of my eyes, she was holding her thumb in her mouth, she was looking at me as if she already knew me. My eyes were filled with tears, I was speechless, my heart was melting after seeing all this. I had captured this moment in my heart and eyes forever, I kept looking at her.

 Then my doctor asked me, tell me how you feel now? “Thank you doctor” I smiled and said! After that the doctor took my daughter outside where my relatives were standing. Now the atmosphere of the operation theater had become calmer, I lay down with my eyes closed. And I was constantly saying one thing to myself “oh God you are great, you do miracles, there may be delay but there is no injustice, I was thanking God from the bottom of my heart.

 After some time I came out of the operation theater, people were asking how I am, and congratulating me, I was replying to them with a smile that I am fine. But my eyes and my attention were still on my daughter.

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