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Create a Blog by Using the Key Elements in the WordPress Ecosystem

In this column, I would like to explore WordPress conclusively and shed light on its efficiency to create a blog. WordPress:  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that helps to build, modify, and manage a blog or website by ourselves.  It is specifically designed in a way to build a website […]


7 key elements that make the WordPress ecosystem a leading platform of the World Wide Web

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It enables digital content management and archival with secured access rights and structured workflow. Unlike other CMS, the WordPress ecosystem is widely used by small and big companies for developing dynamic websites and blogs.  Listed here are several elements that make WordPress the leading CMS. The key […]


Stuck In Love

“Turning out things gracefully with the most unexpected person is the most beautiful feeling one can ever have.” Living with the hubbub of a hectic college life. One slothful day, I encountered a scholarly personality with puffy eyes, angular cheekbone, and a pointed chin. A small depression in the flesh on his cheeks when he […]

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Simplest Explanation Of WordPress

WordPress is a tool that helps users build websites. With its various elements that combine to provide holistic user experience, it is one of the widely used online Content Management Systems. With its minimalistic features, it provides maximum features without the need to learn to code or to generate online content.  Key elements of WordPress  […]


When a Man is Raped

“So, it doesn’t happen to men, are you sure? I dare you to think again because you will be surprised when you see the number of men raped.” Rape of men is still a taboo. When we overhear the word “Rape”, it automatically makes up the image of a male culprit and a female victim. […]


The Roots of Vaginal Odour

“There is nothing wrong with having a vagina that smells like vagina and not like a wildflower.” Vaginas have natural odour. Females feel unconscious about the scent of their vagina. It’s normal to have a slight scent for a healthy vagina.This odour changes with hormonal shifts during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. A problem arises […]