Story of getting a job in good research centre in the world

I am in biological researcher. I work as an associate research scientist at the best research center in the world. So, this is where I am sitting in my college and dreaming every day. But the best research centers never come to my college. Whatever opportunity came, I grabbed it. I got a job. I moved to Delhi to continue my career, but when I was in that position, my dream never ended because I still wanted to work at the best research center in the world. So, at that time, BCD research center was the world’s leading research center. So, I kept applying for that research center to get my job or interview call. Every time I attach my resume and apply for the job, I will get a response that says, “Sorry, your resume is not shortlisted.” So, this has happened more than 100 times, 100 to 200 times.

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