Stardew Valley: Enjoy the Game of Being a Farmer

When the world of online games and streaming actions revolve around the themes of survival and fighting evils, there is one game that stands out to offer the real-life experience of a farmer. Although it has figments of gaming stereotypes that involve fighting for survival, there is a respite in the form of peaceful hovering space dealing with the cultivation of different crops. This game accentuates the fancy for agriculture and induces different styles of gaming for different players. Some people enjoy the profit factor in the game, while some really love the unhurried pace of the peaceful farmer’s life. However, it establishes grounds for thrilling encounters and mystery throughout the game as we come across different situations involving strategies to maximize our agricultural output and gain gold points.

It was launched by Eric Barone, who has been fine-tuning the prospects of the game to date by introducing functionalities that excite and satisfy the expectations of the fans. It was his unique ideology of tilting the genre of gaming zones to be a little thought-provoking that captivates people. Let us get into the facets of the game that will keep the players motivated and earn them points.

The premise of the game:

The game starts with a young player desisting his rich corporate life to work for his grandfather’s farm. He has to up the level of this broken farm by cultivating crops and maintaining them by gaining profits to lead a peaceful life. All along this passage, he would be encountered with all real-life circumstances that would throw hurdles and difficulties in reaching his goal. There are also strategies and counter-ideating factors that the players fix which will lead to a successful course of gaming experience.

Increasing the points:

A player has to play a full-stretched daily life of a farmer by watering and cultivating crops, maintaining animals, cooking his dishes, selling his products to earn money, saving him from predators and the list goes on. Earning profits or points involves planning that keeps you safe and wealthy. Planting maximum crops that fit the season and maintaining them will stabilize the early levels. Apart from this, the players are given options to earn their livelihood by selling their products in the store.  There is a Mayor who welcomes you on-board on level 1 who will help you earn your profits. There are new additions to the game where players cook delicious meals which will boost points and secure their game. There is also a choice where you produce wine which will be sold for the profits that go into your pockets.

There should be a strategy for choosing which crops to be cultivated as seasonal drifts could put an end to its growth. We will need some learning about the sustenance of plants and their dependence on seasons.

Being social and kind to neighbors:

One ideology that puts new players a little outcast is their absence of community friendships. There is a concept of mingling and being kind with community people which will earn points and will sustain the game. This is induced to boost the morale values of players who partake in the game. This way you earn lots of helpers and friends who will help you in a threat that costs your game. It will also improve your rewards which helps you in furthering your levels and minimizing your enemies.

Boosting your energy:

To get the feel of reality, a player is prone to exhaustion as he proceeds further in levels. Continuous playing hours will call for the decline in energy levels when the player has to opt for the intake of food. He has a choice to either consume the food or earn a profit by selling the food. Hence, it is the player’s call to choose food over profit-making or vice versa. These decisions will matter in the long run as you climb higher levels.

Tools and Predators:

Anything other than crops and friends is bound to be attacked by the players. The predators pose a lot of threat to the players. Hence upgrading your tools for attacks and hitting on the correct target becomes important to save lives and crops. The tools have to be chosen to reach the right destination as the field is demarcated with squares. There is a tab in the menu that will enable the players to locate the correct square. That option has to be activated to identify the square for hitting your enemies.

Fishing and animals:

In order to boost the perks of players, the game offers fishing and nursing animals’ options. Fishing is a fun activity that will entice the players, as the tricks and tactics for this will be captivating. There is a careful way of using your clicks that will polish your fishing skills. The same goes for maintaining and taming animals. Players are given options to choose animals to be tamed and nursed. The products from them can be leveraged for earning profits.

All in all, this will be a package of entertainment that invests your full focus as you tread forward in this game.

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