SOWMIYA KRISHNA KUMAR

I was devastated on that day. His face kept flashing in my mind and I missed him very dearly. The grief within was overflowing with tears.

Sep 13, 2018,  It was an endless night. My parents tried to console me, but failed in their attempts. The day was gloomy unusually, with scarcity of light. But the chirping birds, gentle breeze and busy road made the day look like any other day. I was happy to meet my long time friend after four years. I was replaying the recorder of stories in my head to share it with her and was at the peak of excitement. With this exhilaration I reached our meeting spot and ordered our favorite snack. The time was ticking and that was when I heard the doorbell.

Yes! It was my bestie after a long-time; the embrace explained our missing moments. She came with her munchkin. We munched our snacks with echoing laughter and never ending stories. Most of my stories revolved around Julie. He was my first gift from her, who later became an important member of my family.

Julie was my all time companion with whom I shared all my emotions transparently. One warm hug from him will wash away my entire bad mood and bring back happiness into my face. She too remembered the first meeting with him where he never left her lap and stole glances of me. Our talk went like that for hours together.

Finally without any other choice we packed all our happiness in our heart and said bye. Now I have another story for Julie. I got his favorite snacks along with cute toys and rushed back home.

I never thought those toys and snacks would never reach its owner. It was not only the toys that got broken when I dropped it. Everything went blank the moment I saw my Julie on his deathbed. 

The reality was harsh to accept but I was left with any choice.  Because of his neurotic problem he was affected by a severe seizure when I was out to meet my friend. The day turned dark immediately. We spent our last moments together with deep glances, overwhelming with love and pain. It was the saddest farewell.Still, I felt grateful for those years we had together.

Days went by with emptiness and silence in my heart and house. Then came a day, where the silence was ruptured with a familiar voice. I darted towards the voice and ended up in my hall. My friend was there with a little guest on her lap stealing glances of me.  

I fell on my knees and cried as Julie. At once he pounced and hugged me as if he was trying to console me. My heart melted and felt the warmth again. My new journey with little Julie started from that moment on.

Now Our first encounter was so memorable that can never be out of my mind. He healed me and brought back my old self with his unconditional love. Now it has been five years since our story began. Now my day starts with his naughtiness and ends with his gentleness. He has turned my world upside down filled with love and laughter.

He won everyone’s heart with his never ending naughtiness and flawless mistakes. Now he has become the reason for our smile, calmness, hope and positivity. No matter how many years pass by; our first meeting will remain fresh and special. He is my forever favorite pet dog.

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